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Mental Health and Wellbeing Staff Training at The Open Mind Institute is the best in Brisbane. We deliver workshops to staff to help them with absenteeism, performance and success in the workplace.

Our Services

Our three arms are coaching, workshops and coursesAll of our services harness experiential learning and use evidence based tools.



Based on our exclusive 'Transmental Evolution' system, our Mindset & performance Coaching program has been designed, tested and refined over many years to help people achieve the   transcendence of their personal roadblocks. 

Using evidence-based tools (ranging from CBT, ACT and positive psychology to mindfulness-based methodologies), the program works to create lasting transformation. Organise a discovery call with us to find out more. 

Voted "Best Brisbane Life Coach". Our certified life coach uses mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance commitment therapy to help with purpose, confidence, motivation, career, success and happiness to achieve goals quickly.

The Open Mind Institute is the best & Most reputable Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Provider in Brisbane for Staff Training, Presentations, Workshops and Life Coaching. We provide the best Brisbane Keynote Speaker on Mental Health & Wellbeing and deliver Corporate Wellbeing Training.

Mindset & Performance Coaching


One-on-one Coaching delivered in person or remotely. Three packages to choose from.

Group Coaching

Screenshot of two women video conferencing | The Open Mind Institute

Grouped with people who share your roadblocks and interests. Achieve results in a supported and safe environment.

Corporate Wellness

Five people sitting at a conference table | The Open Mind Institute

Enabling organisations to get the best out of their employees. One-on-one and group coaching available

Executive Coaching

Collage of executive leaders | The Open Mind Institute

For executives and athletes who have to perform successfully under pressure. One-on-one & remote sessions available.

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“I highly recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to optimise a growth mindset and achieve their desired results, because it has the power to positively transform lives!” 


— Daryl Paul Lee

Organise a FREE 45 minute discovery session to find out more about the coaching program you're interested in:-

Glass Buildings


All of our workshops, presentations and team-building events are inter-active experiences that arm attendees with a number of evidence-based tools and exercises to enhance:-

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Social Intelligence

  • Critical Thinking

  • Resilience

  • Mindfulness

  • Overcoming Self-sabotage

  • Metacognition

  • Hyperfocus

  • Achieving Flow States

People in a workshop facing lecturer | The Open Mind Institute
People in a meeting room facing camera | The Open Mind Institute

Our workshops, presentations & team-building events Open Minds & Accelerate Potential! 

Click below to find out more:

Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness

People sitting in a workshop facing lecturer | The Open Mind Institute

Giving teams the evidence based tools & knowhow to create & sustain a sharper

mental disposition and performance.

The Mindfulness Workshop

Lecturer presenting slideshow | The Open Mind Institute

Giving teams the fundamentals about mindfulness practice, the evidence behind it and how to practice it.

The Empowerment Presentation

High school students attending workshop facing lecturer | The Open Mind Institute

Providing attendees with the inspiration, motivation and spark to ignite their skills and purpose toward total empowerment.

The Mind Fitness Accelerator


The ultimate team building event that mobilises teams toward collaboration, communication & boosted performance.

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"Paul from TOMI delivered a dynamic, inspirational & high-impact speech to our national team that smashed all barriers and made us believe that the goals we set for ourselves this year are not only attainable but inevitable!"

— Nicky K., Manager, National Australia Bank

Want to find out more about these workshops and events? Book your complimentary discovery session here:

Keyboard and Mouse


To get our transformational content and training to a global audience we're creating a series of exciting digital courses and programs!

Creating and Sustaining Mind Fitness Program

Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitnesses is an online course providing powerful resources & mind tools to start taking responsibility for the positive evolution of your mind. It includes:-

  • Vital information on achieving mind fitness;

  • Mental enhancement exercises;

  • Evidence based content & resources;

  • Over 2 hours of on-demand video;

  • 10 downloadable tools and resources;

  • Lifetime access.

The Open Mind Meditation Program (OMM) is the only online course in the world to provide 7 of the most established and powerful meditation techniques, encouraging students to create their very own meditation routine to start extracting the long list of benefits that meditation has to offer.

The course includes the following:-

  • 6.5 hours of on-demand video;

  • 7 evidence based meditation techniques

  • 14 downloadable tools & resources;

  • Lifetime access.

Open Mind Meditation Program Cover Photo
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“Simple is always elegant. The right amount of background, compact lessons with practical exercises works for someone like me who is always interrupted. Resources are great. I very much appreciate the humble and encouraging instructor. Thank you! 

—  Diane Wilson


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