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Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop

An immersive learning experience providing attendees with evidence-based tools to create & sustain a growth mindset and boost overall performance!

Providing the evidence-based tools to enhance mental wellbeing, mindset, performance and the inspiration to sustain them into the future!

Specifically designed for workplaces seeking to motivate and inspire their teams, this dynamic workshop provides the necessary insights and tools to create and sustain mental wellbeing, a growth mindset and improve overall performance.


This is our most popular workshop (and for good reason!) as it provides the cognitive-based tools to not only manage stress and uncertainty, but to significantly improve workplace satisfaction, resilience, effective communication, teamwork and  collaboration.

Common Workplace Roadblocks

Our Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop is specifically designed to help organisations experiencing:

Change or rapid growth

Low staff engagement

Management concerns

Wavering organisation culture

Wavering job satisfaction

Working from home issues

Employee retention issues

Employee underperformance 

In addition to addressing these common roadblocks, our workshop has been strategically designed to ensure that teams working within high pressure, high performing and customer facing roles, are armed with the knowhow and processes to perform at their best.

Our bespoke approach

Select from a range of topics that your team will benefit from.


Learn more about how our workshop can be tailored to your organisation's needs by reaching out and speaking to one of our friendly staff. Find out about what our workshop can achieve for your business by simply clicking the button below to get in touch with us and request a quote. 


Tell us a bit about your business, what your current roadblocks are and what you'd like to achieve!

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What does the workshop cover?

The Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop covers a range of topics that are critical to individual performance and organisational success.

Such topics include:

Attention Control & Mindfulness 

Cultivating Resilience

Tools to Manage Stress & Uncertainty 

Using Creative & Critical Thinking

Mastering the Art of Effective Communication 

Leveraging Emotional & Social intelligence

How to Activate a Growth Mindset

Using Hyperfocus for Time Management

Delivery Options

We know that time is valuable to a business, that's why we designed our workshops to be flexible to the needs of your organisation. Our Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop can be tailored to your organisation's needs within the following delivery options:

Half day option

Full day option

Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop Half Day

Spread over two, 2 hour sessions with a  break in between, our half day option is great for busy teams who want to experience the powerful benefits of our workshop but are tight on time. 

Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop - full day option

Our most impactful delivery option, this workshop is an immersive all day experience with a lunch break in between. Perfect for workplace retreats, team building or staff training days!

A condensed 1 -2 hr. workshop is also available. Irrespective of the delivery type, attendees always experience a dynamic, high impact delivery by our facilitator, leaving them with an experience they will never forget as well as receiving:

Creating &
Sustaining Mind Fitness



Call to

Our workshops can be delivered in person, or online, however we recommend conducting the workshop in person to experience the best results!

Sustaining Mind Fitness follow up group coaching sessions

To give full-effect to the retention and application of the evidence-based content & tools delivered in the  workshop, we highly recommend our Sustaining Mind Fitness follow up coaching sessions, that take place for one hour each month.

Corporate wellness workshop activity

Available exclusively to clients who choose the full day workshop option, the ‘Sustaining Mind Fitness’ follow up sessions are facilitated in one-hour, monthly coaching sessions, in smaller staff groups, delivered virtually or on site by our facilitator.

Utilising the Big 5 Psychometric personality assessments (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness & neuroticism); staff are then allocated into smaller groups of 3; designed so that they can compliment and support each other, helping to cement team alignment, cohesion & continued organisational success.


A final report is then provided to management detailing metric results.

Meet Your Facilitator

This workshop is delivered by Paul Pitsaras, our managing director and lead workshop facilitator. Before co-founding The Open Mind Institute in 2016, Paul was a litigation lawyer who practiced in London, Melbourne & Brisbane for ten years and like many people working in intensive roles, he suffered from prolonged stress, burnout  and insomnia before a mentor took him to mindfulness meditation class in Melbourne, where he came out feeling like a mental weight had been lifted. This sparked a curiosity in him and therein started a long journey of research, practice & personal development that ultimately led to his self-transformation.

Paul started to help other lawyers & professionals to do the same before

delivering his research & practices to universities & companies across the country,

where he started to get noticed as a leader in the mental wellbeing, mindset  and positive performance space, in addition to a dynamic and powerful keynote speaker.


Prior to going into the law Paul studied Behavioural Science, he has a double bachelor degree in Law & International Business, and certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Training & Assessment. His articles have been published in Proctor and Wellness Daily and he frequently appears on panels, ABC Radio & across other media platforms on how to optimise mental
wellbeing, create a growth mindset and achieve optimal performance in our personal and professional lives. 

More recently Paul was voted as one the top 15 executive coaches in Brisbane by Influence Digest and has become a sort after international speaker known for his high energy, dynamic delivery, thought provoking content and inspirational storytelling that leaves audiences spellbound. You can find out more about Paul on our YouTube channel that you can access here.

Why us?

Having helped thousands of staff, from 350+ businesses around the world,

we are the experts in workplace wellbeing, growth mindset & performance.

Our dynamic delivery method, experiential learning activities and evidence based tools provide staff and their organisations with the practical and scientifically proven tools required to overcome many of the common roadblocks faced by businesses and employees today. Our call to actions throughout the workshop and optional follow up sessions ensures staff retain and apply what they learn in the workshop, while at the same time, encouraging them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


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"Paul from TOMI delivered a dynamic, inspirational & high-impact speech to our national team that smashed all barriers and made us believe that the goals we set for ourselves this year are not only attainable but inevitable!"

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That was incredible!! I have had so many comments from people today saying it’s the best team training day they’ve ever been to and I agree. What a way to bring people together and start discussions about mental health and self-care. Paul was fantastic, relatable, knowledgeable & everyone enjoyed the science behind the theory!

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Shaylen Padayachey,
Queensland Health

"TOMI’s presentation was very insightful and had a positive effect on my team, who now have a deeper understanding on methods they can use to enhance their mental-wellbeing and are realigned in their focus".

Kerrie Favarato,
Aldi Australia

Nicky K.,

What our clients have to say...


Let's tailor our workshop for your business

Ready for your staff to experience the multitude of benefits that our program has to offer? Or simply want to reach out, learn more and have a chat?

Contact us today to find how our Creating and Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop can be tailored to your organisations needs and how your staff can experience levels of wellbeing and performance not seen before.


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