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The Mindfulness Workshop

Bringing the power of mindfulness and attention control to workplaces, sporting teams and leadership teams.

The Benefits Received - 

The Mindfulness Workshop is specifically catered to organisations looking to provide their teams with the evidence-based resources and tools to empower:

Greater Focus & Attention Control

Reduction in Mental Clutter & Distractions

Stress & Anxiety Management

Enhanced Self-Awareness


Improved Relationships 

Effective Communication

Reduced Judgement

Amplified Resilience

The Mindfulness Workshop has been specifically designed to provide attendees with the most credible evidence-based resources and experiential learning activities to make mindfulness an integral part of their lives, extracting the long list of benefits mentioned above.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is more than a mere catchword, it's an incredibly powerful process that helps to anchor our awareness to the present moment, cultivating the ability to reduce our mind from wandering.

Practiced by the ancient Vedics thousands of years ago, mindfulness involves the psychological process of bringing our complete and undivided attention to our internal and external experiences, as they're unfolding in the present moment.

In doing so, it enables us to focus, think more clearly, have enhanced emotional & social intelligence, form stronger relationships and improve communication (among many others benefits).

There is now a healthy body of research confirming that mindfulness works to help with a number of mental health concerns including stress, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress dissorder.

In summary, mindfulness is an effortless and simple process, that when practiced regularly, strengthens your prefrontal cortex, anchoring your awareness to the here and now, which in turn provides a greater sense of clarity, focus, calmness and perspective.

"Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.”
- Jon Kabat-Zinn

To gain the long list of benefits that mindfulness has to offer, it's imperative that mindfulness based exercises become habits. The Mindfulness workshop is designed to facilitate this process.

What does The Mindfulness Workshop cover?

Team participating in the mindfulness workshop

The Mindfulness Workshop takes a comprehensive look at the history of mindfulness, the science behind it and it's benefits, before providing a number of evidence-based tools and techniques that can be used to practice it in a simplified and enjoyable way, in order to make it a daily habit.


The key topics include:-

Roots & foundations of mindfulness

The science & benefits of mindfulness 

Self mastery & the art of attention control

How to practice & cultivate mindfulness*

*Experiential learning exercises & workshop activities designed and delivered to make Mindfulness a habit.

Free Discovery Call - 

Organise a no obligation discovery call to tell us more about your team and to request a quote.


Learn more about how our workshop can be tailored to your organisation's needs by speaking to one of our friendly staff.


Simply clicking the button below to get in touch with us:

What our clients have to say...

Queensland Government Logo

"TOMI’s Mindfulness presentation was very insightful and had a positive effect on my team, who now have a deeper understanding on methods they can use to enhance their mental-wellbeing and are realigned in their focus.

Shaylen Padayachey
Queensland Health

Aldi Logo

That was incredible!! I have had so many comments from people today saying it’s the best team training day they’ve ever been to, and I agree! What a way to bring people together and start discussions about mental health and self-care. Paul was fantastic, relatable, knowledgeable & everyone enjoyed the science behind the theory.

Kerrie Favarato
Aldi Australia

NAB Logo

The Open Mind Institute delivered a dynamic, inspirational & high-impact workshop to our national team top performers that smashed all barriers and made us believe that the goals we set for ourselves this year are not only attainable but inevitable!

Nicky K.,
National Australia Bank


Delivery - 

The Mindfulness Workshop can be delivered on site or at our office event & rooftop space in Brisbane's CBD pictured here:

In terms of duration, the Mindfulness Workshop traditionally goes for 90 minutes, however it can be lengthened for up to 3 hours for team building or corporate retreat events.

Attendees will experience the dynamic, high energy delivery by our facilitator, leaving them with an experience they will never forget as well as receiving:


workbook &

learning activities


Call to

Why us?


Having helped thousands of staff, from 350+ businesses around the world,

we are the experts in workplace wellbeing, growth mindset & performance.

Our dynamic delivery method, experiential learning activities and evidence based tools provide staff and their organisations with the practical and scientifically proven tools required to overcome many of the common roadblocks faced by businesses and employees today. Our call to actions throughout the workshop and optional follow up sessions ensures staff retain and apply what they learn in the workshop, while at the same time, encouraging them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Book The Mindfulness Workshop for my Team 

If you're ready for your staff to experience the power of The Mindfulness Workshop, contact us to today and let's make it happen. 

We'd love to hear more about you and your team to further contextualise this amazing workshop to your organisational needs.


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