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COMMUNICATION EXCELLENCE                                                            MASTERCLASS

Providing the expertise, skills and framework to master the art of communication excellence.

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The Communication Excellence Masterclass creates exceptional communicators who help you build a stronger company. We show you how to use authentic communication skills to ensure organisational fulfilment, enhanced productivity and collaboration. The impact on your work culture and potential is profound. Let us show you how our unique approach and proven methods work:

* State of Work Report 2023 produced by Slack revealed that in Australia 9 out of 10 respondents say feeling engaged at work is a key productivity driver.

The Challenge - 

Employee burnout, disengagement and presenteeism is prevalent, with a recent global employee study* confirming that the top barrier to productivity faced by Australian office workers is trouble keeping motivated. Fractured communication is at the heart of this, with other pressing barriers including:

  • Job Dissatisfaction

  • Relationship Conflict 

  • Lack of Feeling Supported

  • Stress & Mental Health Concerns

  • Ineffective Cross-Team Dynamics

  • Lack of Personal Development Opportunities

Team Meeting

Our Solution - 

We create engaged exceptional communicators who embody the mindset and techniques to authentically connect with their colleagues and clients.

We provide the roadmap to embed these skills in the workplace translating to more confident and creative individuals and a more harmonious and successful work environment.


The Masterclass Experience - 


The Communication Excellence Masterclass experience is facilitated by two industry experts who guide attendees through a strategic framework that includes:

  • Identifying & addressing communication barriers

  • Emotional regulation tools & stress management

  • The communication excellence mindset

  • Authentic relating - 'the experiential learning activities'

  • Using lateral thinking to engage in dynamic conversation

The content learned is applied in the masterclass through a series of experiential activities that spark curiosity, connection & meaningful communication, leaving attendees confident in their new found abilities.

But don't just take our word for it...

Professional Male

The workshop was a great mix of theory and practice, the speakers gave you easy to use tools for leading conversations and the difference they made when applying them was incredible. If you are after some thorough yet concise professional development this workshop is for you. It was
intensive and fun.


- Nigel Seto, Senior Process 


Professional Female

Learning from Paul and Ashwin reminds me what is important in genuine, curious and open communication. I walked away with a fresh perspective, renewed energy and new skills to play with."

- Menaka Thomas, Allied       Health Practitioner

Absolutely loved this workshop. The combination of understanding the mechanisms behind how and why we communicate in the ways we do, mixed with the techniques to interview and think differently were superb. Would highly recommend this training to everyone, the tools and thinking shared can be applied to any situation where you are communicating with someone else or trying to learn more about someone else's experiences or perspectives for whatever reason." 

- Trisha Rwagaju, Project Lead    Mettlesome.

Effective communication and authentic connection are the cornerstones to trust, meaningful relationships and success. If you or your team need to improve or refine these skills, we'd love to hear from you:

The Masterclass Modules - 


1.   Unpacking "Communication 

      Excellence" and its Barriers

2.  Managing Barriers with 

      Emotional & Social Intelligence

3. Leveraging a Growth & Outward

     Mindset in Communication

4.  Communication Excellence 

      through Authentic Relating

5.  Cultivate the Psychological 

     Attributes of a Master 


6. Understand how to ask deeper, 

     more engaging questions that   

     get to the heart of any topic.

7.  Learn how to interact so others   

     open and share.

8.  Lateral Thinking Techniques to 

      Create Innovative Solutions

Application of tools via    Experiential Learning Activities

The Facilitators - 


Paul Pitsaras - Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

Paul is the founder, Executive Coach & Speaker at The Open Mind Institute, a growth mindset and performance training & coaching institute servicing professional services around the world.

Previously a litigation lawyer for 10 years, Paul worked in leading firms across London, Melbourne and Brisbane where he refined his public speaking and advocacy skills. He frequently appears on panels, podcasts & in the media on how to communicate effectively, activate a growth mindset and achieve optimal performance.

Paul was recently voted as one of the top executive coaches in Brisbane by Influence Digest and has become a sought after keynote speaker both here and abroad.

Ashwin Segkar - Radio Presenter

Ashwin is a radio presenter on one of Australia largest radio networks and has

recently returned to Australia after delivering keynote presentations to a global

audience on the art of effective communication.

Ashwin regularly interviews guests from every walk of life and deeply understands

how to create interesting and captivating conversations on any issue.

He also hosts public conversations as an interviewer and MC for BrisAsia that sees him engage with community leaders for the Brisbane Festival and prominent multicultural figures. An experienced comedian outside of his journalistic and business career, Ashwin understands and will share key techniques on public speaking and how to engage an audience and provide them with an experience they'll never forget.

Ashwin also runs his own marketing agency, where he trains other business leaders in communication and presentation and helps them create inspired content.


Together, Paul & Ashwin form a dynamic duo blending the essential elements and teachings from their respective fields into a life-changing transformative masterclass that will equip you and your team with the knowledge and skills to achieve communication excellence!

To find our more about the Communication Excellence Masterclass experience and how it can empower your team to take their communication, influence & overall productivity to new heights, simply click below:

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