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        Creating & Sustaining
         Mind Fitness

Providing the definitive blueprint for teams to achieve enhanced mental wellbeing and a 20% increase in positive performance (see results below)!



Here at The Open Mind Institute, we believe in the power of people and the potential of their minds. Our mission is to empower individuals, teams and organisations to reach their highest potential by providing evidence-based training, coaching and workshops that focus on mental fitness. Here are just some of the organisations we've helped...

Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness  is a comprehensive workshop that provides the definitive blueprint for staff to achieve greater mental wellbeing, effective communication, team cohesion & consistent positive performance.


With the evidence-based tools provided in this dynamic workshop, we believe that everyone can unlock the power of their minds to create and sustain positive lasting change and performance!

Networking Event

The Topics...

Activating a Growth Mindset

Mastering Effective Communication 

Time Management & Hyperfocus

Self-Awareness & Attention Control

Emotional & Social Intelligence

Navigating Uncertainty & Cultivating


Creative & Critical Thinking

Stress Management Toolkit

The Results...


We are very big on measuring results at The Open Mind Institute, and we do this through our metric and self-assessment tools.

Our robust process (see below) sees us follow up with clients after the Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness workshops to ensure that the desired results are still being experienced.

Increase in

(After 8 weeks)

Mental wellbeing increase

(After 8 weeks)


After taking the 1st Step (below) we organise a brief video meeting with you to ascertain whether any of the following factors are being experienced:-

The Process...

- Change or rapid growth

- Working from home issues

- Low staff engagement

- Employee retention concerns

- Wavering organisation culture

- Employee underperformance 

We then further contextualise the topics to tailor the workshop to your needs. Upon delivery attendees are immersed in the Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness experience, where they will acquire the skills and receive the blueprint to perform at their best and achieve success in their professional and personal lives.

Finally, we follow up with you 8 weeks after the workshop to check-in and see how the team is progressing.


The Experience...

TOMI’s Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness workshop was a massive game changer and helped us to turn things around. Staff retention has increased, culture has improved, and we have seen demonstrable positive change in people's attitude towards the company.

Regan Yan, CEO

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The Facilitator...

Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness is delivered by Paul Pitsaras, our lead workshop facilitator and founder. Before The Open Mind Institute, Paul was a litigation lawyer who practiced in London, Melbourne & Brisbane for ten years and like many people working in intensive roles, he endured prolonged stress, insomnia and burnout before a mentor took him to mindfulness meditation class in Melbourne, where he came out feeling like a mental weight had been lifted. This sparked a curiosity in him and therein started a long journey of research, practice & personal development that ultimately led to his self-transformation.

Prior to going into the law Paul studied Behavioural Science and he has a double bachelor degree in Law & International Business, and certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Training & Assessment. His articles have been published in Proctor and Wellness Daily and he frequently appears on panels, ABC Radio & across other media platforms on how to optimise mental wellbeing, create a growth mindset and achieve optimal performance in our personal and professional lives. 

More recently Paul was voted as one the top executive coaches in Brisbane by Influence Digest and has become a sort after international speaker known for his high energy, dynamic delivery, thought provoking content and inspirational storytelling that leaves audiences spellbound. 

The First Step...


Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness is our most popular workshop, in order to secure desired delivery dates we ask you 

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