An experiential learning event provided by The Open Mind Institute providing attendees with the evidence-based tools to

create & sustain a growth mindset and boost overall performance!

A two hour workshop conducted by The Open Mind Institute in Brisbane that provides the tools to create and sustain a growth mindset and boost overall performance.


The Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop takes you through how to understand, develop and sustain a growth mindset.


The workshop provides evidence-based mindfulness and cognitive-based therapy (CBT) tools that provide you with a clear and simple process to manage stress and uncertainty, in addition to improving self-confidence, resilience, communication and collaboration in the workplace.


In the Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness workshop, you will work together as a team with our instructor to learn how to transcend old habits that are no longer serving you. This workshop includes exercises on how to:


  • Transcend emotional response conditioning that is no longer serving you;

  • Raise your level of attention and self-awareness;

  • Cultivate your resilience in times of uncertainty with a “growth mindset”; and 

  • Develop your emotional & social intelligence to enhance communication and improve relationships.


Teams walk away with a repertoire of simple but effective tools to create and sustain a healthier, happier and stronger mindset that ultimately improves organisational culture.


We use experiential learning and interactive activities to ensure a greater likelihood of retention and application after the workshop.​

Understanding our Most

Vital Asset

In the first section of the workshop, attendees learn how the brain filters the thoughts that trigger stress and how it is equipped to deal with the uncertainty that arises in this world of perpetual change.


We then demonstrate the power of the mind through a guided thought experiment and provide attendees with powerful mental tools that can be used to harness a "growth mindset", cultivate resilience and improve performance.

Paul Pitsaras operating a workshop | The Open Mind Institute

Creating Mind Fitness


In the second section of the workshop, we use neuroscience-based tools to develop cognitive skills. 

In the 'Future of Jobs Report,' the World Economic Forum states that skills such as problem-solving, emotional intelligence & critical thinking will be the most sought after & crucial employee skills needed in the workplace by 2022. 

By identifying performance roadblocks, such as over-thinking and self-doubt, we arm you with the tools you need to rise above prior conditioning to achieve greater results in both your personal and professional lives.

Sustaining Mind Fitness image | The Open Mind Institute

Sustaining Mind Fitness


In this final section, attendees are provided with the 5 key steps required to overcome limiting habits once and for all:


  1. Choose a limiting habit to focus on

  2. Identify the trigger situations

  3. Identify the reward for the limiting habit

  4. Define the new positive habit and reward

  5. Implement the new habit


The final Call to Action inspires you with a 21 Day Challenge to start using your new skills to create positive transformation in your life. We check in with you after the 21 days to see how you went with the challenge and to give you an opportunity to provide feedback.

  • Self-Awareness

  • Attention Control

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Critical Thinking

  • Resilience

  • Growth Mindset Activation

  • Experiencing Flow

  • Hyperfocus

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This workshop is available on an ad-hoc basis to organisations wishing to bring out the best in their team. We work with people from all industries but specialise in Professional Services such as staff in sales, recruitment, marketing, software and IT. Elevate your team with our Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Workshop. Contact us for more information or to make a booking.