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A Premium Team Building Experience...

Providing the definitive blueprint for teams to flourish

Here at The Open Mind Institute we believe in the power of teams and their potential to achieve greatness. Our mission is to empower individuals & teams to reach their highest potential by providing evidence-based training, coaching and workshops that focus on mental fitness and optimal performance.

Here are some of the organisations we've delivered our workshops to:-


Combining the tools to achieve individual peak performance & team cohesion, with dynamic delivery and our experiential learning activities, makes the Mind Fitness Accelerator an experience that remains with attendees for life!

Some of the topics covered in the workshop

  • Reframing
  • The ERC Feedback Loop
  • Growth Mindset Activation
  • Attention Control
  • Effective Communication
  • Authentic Relating 
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence
  • Critical & Creative Thinking 


The Mind Fitness Accelerator (MFA) starts with a 30 min.keynote presentation from Paul, our facilitator, covering the above said topics.

In addition to the professional development content helping attendees with their day-to-day professional tasks, it is also critical for the successful completion of the Mind Fitness game component:



Attendees are then separated into smaller teams and compete for points at various MFA workstations that necessitate effective communication, team work, creative problem solving and critical thinking for their successful completion (all while have an abundance of fun & strengthening team dynamics)!



After completion of the workstations and the game component ends, teams come together  to debrief on what they've learned, before the winning team is announced, and the final Call to Action sees the teams take what they've learned and apply it in the workplace.


The Experience...

Thank you for an awesome event! Can I say, one of the best team building sessions, I personally, have ever been on! A breath of fresh air in regards to the format. Credit to you and your team. Thanks again!                                                                     


James Vaughton, Branch Manager


The take-aways 

  • Renewed team synergy & alignment 

  • Effective communication & authentic relating tools

  • Blueprint to enhance personal success

  • Event photos & footage of your team immersed in the MFA experience 

  • Call to Action & MFA Trophy awarded to winning team!!

Considering Giving your team the MFA experience? 
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