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The Open Mind Institute, Life Coaching in Brisbane to Achieve Your Goals and improve career, relationships and mental health.


Had enough of not living your best life? 



Mindset & Performance Coaching

Mindset & Performance  Coaching, 
Expanding on traditional life coaching by introducing a strategic blend of positive psychology and behavioural science that shifts thinking, behaviour and drive to overturn conditioned roadblocks.

Are you experiencing...

Burnout, Stress & Anxiety

Lack of Self Confidence


Self-Sabotaging Behaviours

Not Sleeping Well At Night

Imposter Syndrome

Lack of Drive & Purpose

Relationship Imbalance

These are roadblocks that many of us will encounter within our lifetimes. While initially they may seem as just simple annoyances, if left untreated they can begin to limit us in major ways.

Mindset & Performance Coaching can help you! Organise a discovery call to find out more here:

Life Coaching The Open Mind Institute with Mindfulness & Meditation to manage stress, anxiety, depression burnout in Brisbane. Video Coaching and Remote Coaching available. 

You'd hire a coach for your physical performance, why not one for the performance of your mind?

Just as a professional athlete would hire a coach to reach their peak physical performance, Mindset & Performance Coaching helps people transcend the conditioning that is no longer serving them, allowing them to rid themselves of self-sabotaging behaviours, which in turn, empowers them to reach their peak performance!

What does this all mean?

Conditioning involves thinking patterns and habits that create feedback loops that can lead to self-sabotage.


Self-sabotage involves a cycle of unhealthy behaviours (such as: procrastination, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and engaging in short term indulgences at the expense of long-term goals) that can be traced back to the emotion of fear. For instance, fear of judgement/ confrontation, fear of missing out, fear of uncertainty, fear of not living up to expectations and fear of failure.

Fear leads to anxiety which affects millions of people worldwide and has a crippling effect on our happiness and ability to achieve our goals and potential.


This coaching provides evidence-based tools and guidance to transcend your fear and conditioning and raises levels of self-awareness to reframe the inner narrative to operate successfully within the 'stimulus-response' space. 


This leads to new thinking patterns and habits that enable a growth mindset and consistent positive performance


What our clients have to say...

“I highly recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to optimise a growth mindset and achieve their desired results, because it has the power to positively transform lives!”

     - Daryl Paul Lee


Life coaching

How do we do this?

By using our exclusive 'Transmental Evolution' coaching method (inspired by the secret pinnacle to Maslow's hierarchy of needs; 'Self-Transcendence'), we empower you to transcend the mental condition that is no longer serving you.

We accomplish this by raising your level of self-awareness (using a number of evidence-based tools) enabling you to refrain conditioned narratives and implement a growth mindset.

From this platform, you're able to harness your new positive narrative and growth mindset to transcend the conditioned self to start creating new opportunities and results in as little as six weeks.

After each coaching session, we provide Call To Action items that require you to do some personal work prior to the next session. Around the clock guidance and support is provided throughout the program.

We live and breathe what we teach and are invested in seeing you succeed!



Our Mindset and Performance Coaching Program offers wide ranging benefits that help enhance and advance all aspects of ones life.


Not only can one expect to find increased performance, mental wellbeing and improved emotional & social intelligence, but in addition to this, the program can help assist with stress management, improved relationships, greater attention control & focus, enhanced critical thinking and improved sleep.


What you'll gain from the program: 

Mindset and Performance coaching is proven to gain clarity on your roadblocks and develop the actions and drive required to overcome them.

Achieve your goals quicker and start seeing positive results in just a matter of weeks.

Connect with an expert Mindset & Performance Coach who is invested in your success.

Receive cutting-edge Mindset & Performance tools, like:

Tracking the Inner Narrative Journal;

​Tailored Plan & Accountability Blueprint to Success;

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy  (ACT) & Mindfulness tools;​

Growth Mindset Creation & the Higher Default-Self Activation.

Get around the clock support until your desired outcomes are achieved!

Access to 'The Circle' Community, providing a space for open discussion, self improvement and support from like minded, past and present TOMI clients.

Want to find out more about the Mindset & Performance Coaching Program and how it can help you improve your life and build the better you?


"Paul laid the foundations for what would grow to become a transformational experience."

"Paul implanted a growth mindset with me, made me feel motivated enough to commit to change and assured that he would be there every step of the way. He listened attentively to all the challenges I faced, personal and professional, identified gaps in my mindset and provided concrete tools for me to cover those gaps.


I am truly proud and grateful for this human being's presence in my life."​

Ethan Chia

"He provided insightful, considerate, rational and unbiased guidance, he's helped me tremendously."


"I now have the knowledge and confidence that I know how to create and be the me I want to be. Always learning and thinking, but with the tools now to channel that energy and put it to use.


I'd recommend The Open Mind Institute's coaching  service for anyone seeking the tools to get clear and deliberate about where they want to go, and set themselves up to get there."

Ellis Spooner

Discover how this coaching will transform your life by booking your discovery call here:

Frequently asked questions.

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

We facilitate Zoom or remote coaching and face-to-face sessions at our office on Queen Street in Brisbane's CBD.

How much do the coaching programs cost?​

The coaching programs vary in cost and are reasonably priced considering the life-changing value and results received. We recommend organising a free discovery call to find out the costing to the program that is right for you. We take all payment methods and offer payment plans.

What happens in my free coaching discovery call?

Your discovery call takes place by video or telephone. Basic questions are asked around your biggest roadblock and initial coaching advice is provided to start you on the road to overcome it. You'll then be guided through how the coaching programs work and you can ask as many questions as you like to make an informed decision if our coaching is right for you.

What if I want to exit my coaching program early?

If you feel the coaching isn't working or isn't a good fit, you can exit your coaching program at any time. We're all about flexibility and positive outcomes, so we promise we won't lock you into any contract.


Life Coaching Sydney, Life Coach Melbourne and Life Coaching Brisbane, is the best Life Coach to deal with burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, career advice, lack of motivation, procrastination and confidence.  Overcoming Self sabotage, this life coaching is the best.


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