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 Mindset & Performance Coaching

    (Private Coaching & Programs)

Mindset & Performance Coaching with coach smiling at the camera

Mindset & Performance Coaching

Expanding on traditional Life Coaching, our Mindset & Performance Coaching introduces a strategic blend of positive psychology & behavioural science to shift thinking & drive toward achieving goals!


Are you experiencing...

Burnout, Stress or Anxiety

Lack of Drive & Purpose

Lack of Self-Worth & Confidence

Overthinking or Procrastination

Self-Sabotaging Behaviour

Imposter Syndrome

Not Sleeping Well At Night

Relationship Imbalance

These are major barriers that can become debilitating if left untreated. Our Mindset & Performance Coaching uses evidence-based tools to help you shift unhelpful conditioning to a 'growth mindset', helping to remove the barriers  once and for all!  

This is a free, no obligation call with one of our friendly staff.

Mental health cartoon

We hire coaches for our body & physical performance,
but what about the performance of our mind?

Just as professional athletes have expert coaches to reach their peak physical performance, our mindset & performance coaches empower you to achieve mental clarity and peak mental  performance.

Mindset & Performance Coaching is empowering
people around the world to achieve...

Growth Mindset Activation

Enhanced Mental Wellbeing 

Renewed Purpose & Meaning

Regulation of Stress & Anxiety

Sharpened Focus & Attention Control 

Self-Sabotage Eradication 

Healthier Relationships

Improved Sleep & Overall Health

Emotional & Social Intelligence

Greater Energy, Motivation & 

Overall Performance

Our Mindset and Performance Coaching Program offers these wide range of benefits (and more!) to vastly improve all aspects of life, ultimately leading to a happier, healthier and more successful you! Learn how we do this over a discovery call with our friendly staff.

Why do I feel 'stuck' & how will this coaching help me to become 'unstuck'?

Whether it's dealing with the day-to-day repetition of a mundane job or a life that's no longer fulfilling, we can often find ourselves stuck in negative behavioural and thinking loops, that are doing our mental wellbeing and potential for happiness a massive disservice. ​

We're all conditioned creatures, with automated responses and behaviours that we've developed over the years. However, when this conditioning becomes unhelpful or unhealthy, it often manifests in self-sabotaging behaviour/s.

Self-sabotage involves a cycle of unhealthy behaviour (such as procrastination, substance abuse, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and engaging in short term indulgences at the expense of long-term goals). This can be traced back to the primal emotion of fear (for instance, fear of failure,  judgement, confrontation, missing out, uncertainty or not living up to our own, or others expectations).

This fear can eventually lead to depression and anxiety which affects millions of people worldwide and can have a crippling effect on our happiness and ability to achieve our goals and potential.

Our Mindset & Performance Coaching program is designed  to help people transcend this fear and  limiting conditioning by raising levels of self-awareness and reframing inner narratives using our evidence-based tools, to start creating new responses and behaviours.

This leads to new thinking patterns and healthier habits that enable a 'growth mindset' to achieve liberation from unhelpful conditioning.

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What our clients have to say...

“I highly recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to optimise a growth mindset and achieve their desired results, because it has the power to positively transform lives!”

     - Daryl Paul Lee, Singapore.



Life coaching

We achieve life-changing results!

By using our exclusive 'Transmental Evolution' Coaching Method (inspired by Maslow's secret pinnacle to his hierarchy of needs; 'Self-Transcendence'), we train you to transcend the unhelpful conditioning that is no longer serving you!

We accomplish this by identifying your barriers and blockages to success, crystalising your outcomes and purpose and raising levels of self-awareness (using our evidence-based tools),

From this platform, you're able to catch unhelpful conditioned inner-narratives in real-time and implant a 'growth mindset' to create new and empowered responses, transcending unhelpful conditioning  in as little as 6-8 weeks.

After each coaching session, we provide Call To Action items that require you to do some personal work prior to the next session. Around the clock guidance and support is provided until your outcomes are achieved.

We live and breathe what we teach and are invested in seeing you succeed and fulfilling your purpose!


Here's our promise to you...

We're extremely outcome driven and are committed to working with you to gain insight into what's been holding you back and provide you with the support, mentorship and guidance to help you achieve your goals as soon as possible. Here are some of the things that we promise to deliver: 

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Expert Mindset and Performance Coaching to unearth your roadblocks and acquire the necessary skills, insight and drive to overcome them.​

You will achieve your goals quicker and start seeing positive results in as little as 4-6 weeks, otherwise we'll refund your personal investment!

You'll experience trust and a genuine connection with your Mindset & Performance Coach who cares and is invested in your success.

Receive cutting-edge evidence based Mindset & Performance tools, like:

Cognitive reframing (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT));

Self-Awareness & Attention Control./ Mindfulness techniques;​

Growth Mindset Activation & the Higher Default-Self blueprint;

​Tailored Plan & Accountability Roadmap to Success.

Receive around the clock support until your desired outcomes are achieved!

Access to 'The Circle' Community, providing a space for open discussion, self improvement and support from like minded, past and present TOMI coaching clients.


It starts with a discovery call...

Leave your details here to request your free discovery call with one of our friendly staff at a time that suits you.

We'll learn a little more about you on the call, then advise you about how our coaching works, and you can ask as many questions as you'd like to find out if this coaching is a good fit for you.

This is a no obligation call and remains 100% confidential.


Thanks for submitting, we'll be in touch shortly!


Frequently asked questions...

  • Where do the coaching sessions take place?
    Your coaching sessions can be facilitated remotely via video in the comfort of your own home or face-to-face at our office on Queen Street in Brisbane's CBD.
  • How much do the coaching programs cost?​
    Our coaching programs vary in cost and are reasonably priced considering the life-changing value and results achieved. We recommend organising a free discovery call to find out the right program for you and the accompanying cost. We take all payment methods and offer payment plans.
  • What happens in my free coaching discovery call?
    Your discovery call takes place by video or telephone with one of our friendly team members and remains 100% confidential. We'll ask you some basic questions about the potential barriers you're experiencing, before guiding you through how the coaching programs work. You can ask as many questions as you like to make an informed decision about whether our coaching is right for you.
  • What if I want to exit my coaching program early?
    If you feel the coaching isn't working or isn't a good fit, you can exit your coaching program at any time. We're all about flexibility and positive outcomes, so we promise we’ll never lock you into any contract.
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