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Group Corporate Wellness Coaching

Want to unlock the potential in your team?


The Open Mind Institute offers a unique approach to team coaching with results proving to boost mental wellbeing and cognitive performance.

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Executive Leadership/
Team Coaching

Who we've worked with 

We’re here to shape your team’s mindset and drive performance to unprecedented heights, empowering organisations to...

Successfully Navigate Change & Uncertainty

Motivate Employees to Maximise Performance & Thrive Under Pressure

Leverage a Growth Mindset to Create Opportunities during Challenge & Adversity

Attract & Retain Talent 

Strengthen Team Dynamics & Collaboration 

Address Declining Workplace Satisfaction & 

Boost Organisational Culture

Overcome Communication Barriers

  This coaching program is ideal for:

  • Executive Leadership Teams

  • High Performance Teams

  • Cross-Pollination between Departments

  • Sales Teams

Unleashing Your Team's Potential with Our Unique Coaching System –

Our Executive Leadership Team Coaching Program is a powerful results-driven resource that brings out the best in teams by providing the strategies, structure & metric tools to measure results, overcome roadblocks & channel drive & purpose to achieve desired outcomes.


Assessments taken

360 and/ or Big 5 

assessments used 

to determine 

current position



(delivered remotely or in-person). 

Pre & post coaching 

consultation with 


Performance Outcomes Achieved

& tools aquired 

 to sustain it

into the future.

Delivery of Mindset 

& Performance Coaching Program 

using 1:3 

strategy format.

Team divided into smaller groups of 3 based on Big 5 assessment results.

Using the Big 5 and 360 evaluations, we measure progress and feedback to ensure targeted development for our clients. Our personalised coaching delivery is based on a strategic blend of behavioral science, CBT principles, logotherapy, and positive psychology to improve cognitive performance, self-awareness, and effective communication. 

We have helped organisations around the world to transform the way they work and interact and couldn't be prouder of the results that we're achieving:

Our Results –

Increase in 
Growth Mindset


Increase in



Let's have a chat 

Business discussion

Learn more about our workplace coaching by organising a free discovery call, where we'll find out more about your team and show you how we can help to improve its performance.

DA Testimonial

Case Study 1 

Digital Alchemy Logo

Digital Alchemy: A global company with real world problems, who are achieving incredible results!

Digital Alchemy is a multinational, data-driven marketing agency who have grown to become the largest, and most trusted Database Marketing Services Provider in Asia Pacific, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Bangkok, Nanjing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto.

“In 2020, in the depths of COVID, we experienced unprecedented levels of uncertainty, resignations and staff mental health concerns. I realised we had to change people's mindset one at a time, over a period of months, not days. For an organisation with several hundred people all over the world, that seemed like a crazy undertaking. TOMI’s leadership coaching was a massive game changer and helped us to turn things around, one staff member at a time.

In the first year around 100 people in our company completed the program and every year since we targeted a similar number to do the program. We have spun out other programs, i.e. on leadership & effective communication, designed by TOMI to address particular challenges and overall we turned the culture around, and the result has been 100% revenue growth since we started.

Staff retention has increased, culture has improved, and we have seen demonstrable positive change in people's attitude towards the company. Your machines don't make your products, the team that operates them does; your customers don't make themselves happy, your team does. Whether you employ 10 people or 1,000 people, people are at the heart of your success, and the mindset that they have can be the difference between short term success and long term success. 

Success is a culmination of many things, but I firmly believe that our relationship with TOMI is a central pillar to our turnaround and success.”

- Regan Yan, CEO, Digital Alchemy.

For every $1 invested in corporate wellness coaching, $5.81 is returned in savings.

Source: Comcare

Get to know us –

We were founded in Brisbane in 2016 with the purpose of providing accessible, effective and proven mindset, performance & wellbeing programs that work.

Since then we have worked with over 450 companies, from all over the world to help improve the lives of their staff. We couldn't be prouder of this achievement, and we can't wait to help improve the lives of countless employees to come!

About Us

Case Study 2 


Volvo is a Swedish multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles, including SUVs, station wagons, and sedans, and is renowned for its superior quality, safety and more recently, its commitment to only sell fully electric cars by 2030.

"We started working with The Open Mind Institute in August 2022 because we could see that during Covid there were some issues around communication within the team, we could also see the impact that some of the supply chain issues had on mental health within the team.

Since working with The Open Mind Institute our NSW & QLD Sales teams have achieved record breaking months and communication has improved significantly.

One of the team members gave me some feedback around the work that The Open Mind Institute had completed with them and  the impressive part was the ownership around the team members communication style and the fact that the situation around them had not changed but their way of communicating and dealing with a high pressure environment had changed, leading to a happier environment for them and their colleagues.

I would highly recommend the support of The Open Mind Institute within working teams to bring out the best in collaboration, communication and performance."

- Martin Lambert, QLD & NSW Sales Director, Volvo Australia.

  • Where do the coaching sessions take place?
    Your coaching sessions can be facilitated remotely via video in the comfort of your own home or face-to-face at our office on Queen Street in Brisbane's CBD.
  • How much do the coaching programs cost?​
    Our coaching programs vary in cost and are reasonably priced considering the life-changing value and results achieved. We recommend organising a free discovery call to find out the right program for you and the accompanying cost. We take all payment methods and offer payment plans.
  • What happens in my free coaching discovery call?
    Your discovery call takes place by video or telephone with one of our friendly team members and remains 100% confidential. We'll ask you some basic questions about the potential barriers you're experiencing, before guiding you through how the coaching programs work. You can ask as many questions as you like to make an informed decision about whether our coaching is right for you.
  • What if I want to exit my coaching program early?
    If you feel the coaching isn't working or isn't a good fit, you can exit your coaching program at any time. We're all about flexibility and positive outcomes, so we promise we’ll never lock you into any contract.

Frequently asked questions –

Get in Touch  –

Want to find out more about how our program can improve the lives of your employees and enhance your business?

Simply leave your details and a convenient time below and one of our expert coaches will be in touch to listen to any pain points that you may be encountering, provide some initial guidance and speak with you about how we can tailor a solution to your organisations needs.


Alternatively, feel free to give us a call on

1300 58 20 33.

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What our Coaching Participants Think 

I have completely changed the way I look at problems, myself and how I deal with people.

Within the space of three months, I have completely changed the way I look at problems, myself and how I deal with people. My performance results have increased exponentially, and I have more time to focus on me and on my relationship  and I put it all down to these coaching sessions."

Peter Morris, Director.

They provided insightful & unbiased guidance, they've helped tremendously.

I'd recommend The Open Mind Institute's coaching service for anyone seeking the tools to get clear and deliberate about where they want to go and set themselves up to get there."

Ellis Spooner, Executive.

 I'm able to use a growth mindset to achieve positive results and to inspire my team.

TOMI's workplace coaching program has helped me to change the way I deal with stress and workplace challenges.

I also have greater job satisfaction and work life balance.

Jenny Tran, Manager.

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