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Thursday 12th of August 2021 (from 5:30pm to 8:30pm)


With a number on internationally renowned speakers and elite coaches lined-up, this year's Brain Hack event is going to be our biggest & best one yet!

The theme for this year is:

"Exploring the most powerful tools and technology that can be used to accelerate mindset, performance and human potential, especially in times of uncertainty."

In terms of format, refreshments and drinks will be provided upon entry with an opportunity to mingle with some of the professional athletes, entrepreneurs, experts and executives in the room. There will be a number of technology stalls set up showcasing how the innovations of our tech. entrepreneurs are advancing human performance with their transformative technology. We're going to have a panel discussion involving some of the world's most elite coaches discussing the tools and technique they provide their clients to bring out their best. 


Finally, you will hear from a number of respected speakers in the mindset & performance space, some of which include:-



Eric Bailey is former NBL player and basketball legend. Today he is an internationally renowned motivational/ activational speaker. Eric's presence on stage is beyond dynamic. He is a master storyteller, especially when it comes to transforming our mindset and emotions and we are thrilled to have him light up the Brain Hack stage!


Tony Wilson is a former performance coach to the Brisbane Broncos, QLD Bulls and QLD Reds and at UCLA. Today Tony works with leaders around the world to help create the environment for their people to thrive, and works with individuals on managing their own performance and productivity. As a highly sought after for keynote presenter, we are honoured to have him grace our stage.

Tony Wilson-1280.1196.jpeg

Paul Pitsaras was a former litigation lawyer for ten years prior to founding The Open Mind Institute, of which he is the Managing Director. Prior to the law, Paul studied Behavioural Science and has always had a passion for personal development and bringing out the best in others. Paul’s articles on wellness, meditation & mindfulness have been published in Proctor & Wellness Daily and his advocacy on mental health has made him a sort after speaker.



If you are a CEO, executive, manager or owner of a company who's team could benefit from leveraging some of the most cutting edge, evidence-based tools to optimise a growth mindset and performance in these uncertain times, then you don't want to miss this years' Brain Hack!

If you're a tech. entrepreneur who operates in the transformative technology space (that is technology that is scientifically validated to support mental health, emotional wellbeing and human thriving), then you also don't want to miss this event(!), as we will be showcasing some of Australia's leading technologies in this space! (If you're in Brisbane and are interested in having a designated stall, promptly contact us below).

Most of all, if you're on a path of learning and self-transformation yourself, or if you are currently struggling with uncertainty and need to be inspired, you don't want to miss this event!


Tickets are limited for this event. The major parts of the event will be live-streamed (with further info. & links to be released on the event page shortly), however, there will be no substitute for being there in person!

Early bird ticks (only $10) will expire shortly, otherwise tickets are $25 and can be purchased by following the link below:

Full refunds will be offered should the event have to be cancelled due to a covid lockdown, it will otherwise be run in accordance with safe covid measures and if you have any concerns in this regard please contact us.

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