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Every Monday - 
7:40 am - 8:15 am
Start your week on the right foot with 'Monday Morning Rooftop Meditation' 
on Queen St. Mall.


Providing your mind, body and soul with a revitalised energy and perspective, this morning mindfulness based guided meditation class is the perfect way to start your week!

This class has been designed for all meditation levels and backgrounds by our founder Paul, who has  been meditating consistently for twelve years, has trained in Buddhist meditation techniques at the Chung Tian temple and has had articles published on mindfulness & meditation in Wellness Daily and other leading publications.



- What do I need to bring?

   Your body & an open mind. Yoga mats provided. Bottle of water is optional.

- What should I wear?

   Anything that allows you to sit and lie down comfortably.

- What if I haven't meditated before?

   The classes are designed for all levels and backgrounds, so not to worry.

- What does it cost?

   $10 per class.

- What if I'm running late?

The Capital Building (entry at 155, Queen St. Mall - the old Regents Theatre) doesn't open its doors until 9am, so Paul greets attendees at the door at 7:40am, before heading up to the rooftop together at 7:45am, after which, you won't be able to gain access to the building or the class.


“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” 

– Zen Proverb.