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The Open Mind Institute, Life Coaching in Brisbane to Achieve Your Goals and improve career, relationships and mental health.


Had enough of not living your best life? 



About The Open Mind Institute

Life Coaching The Open Mind Institute with Mindfulness & Meditation to manage stress, anxiety, depression burnout in Brisbane. Video Coaching and Remote Coaching available. 

The Open Mind Institute is where people come together to grow & expand their knowledge  of what is possible when our minds are open and our actions align with our authenticity.


Having an 'Open Mind' involves having a willingness to actively listen and accept ideas that are different from our own.

Paul Pitsaras LL.B B.Int.Bus.

MD, Executive Coach & Speaker

The Open Mind Institute

Do you suffer from...


Imposter Syndrome

Lack of Drive & Purpose

Relationship Imbalance

Burnout, Stress

& Anxiety

Lack of self


Self-sabotaging Behaviours

Not sleeping well

at night

Then Open Mind Institute can help you! Organise a discovery call to find out more here:

Our Founder

Paul is the Co-founder, Managing Director and Speaker at The Open Mind Institute, also known as 'TOMI'.

TOMI is a mental wellbeing, mindset and performance training service provider, delivering events, coaching and workplace solutions to businesses, individuals and learning institutions.

Before TOMI, Paul was a litigation lawyer for 10 years and worked in various leading law firms and departmental organisations in London, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Paul has a double bachelor degree in Law & International Business, certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Training & Assessment and studied Behavioural Science before going into Law.

Paul's articles on wellness, meditation & mindfulness have been published in Proctor & Wellness Daily and he frequently appears on panels, podcasts and in the media on how to open minds and accelerate potential.


What our clients have to say.

“I highly recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to optimise a growth mindset and achieve their desired results, because it has the power to positively transform lives!”

     - Daryl Paul Lee


Life coaching

Frequently asked questions.

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

We facilitate Zoom or remote coaching and face-to-face sessions at our office on Queen Street in Brisbane's CBD.

How much do the coaching programs cost?​

The coaching programs vary in cost and are reasonably priced considering the life-changing value and results received. We recommend organising a free discovery call to find out the costing to the program that is right for you. We take all payment methods and offer payment plans.

What happens in my free coaching discovery call?

Your discovery call takes place by video or telephone. Basic questions are asked around your biggest roadblock and initial coaching advice is provided to start you on the road to overcome it. You'll then be guided through how the coaching programs work and you can ask as many questions as you like to make an informed decision if our coaching is right for you.

What if I want to exit my coaching program early?

If you feel the coaching isn't working or isn't a good fit, you can exit your coaching program at any time. We're all about flexibility and positive outcomes, so we promise we won't lock you into any contract.

Life Coaching Sydney, Life Coach Melbourne and Life Coaching Brisbane, is the best Life Coach to deal with burnout, stress, anxiety, depression, career advice, lack of motivation, procrastination and confidence.  Overcoming Self sabotage, this life coaching is the best.


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