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Workshops to empower team performance

The Open Mind Institute is an Executive Leadership, Mindset & Performance Coaching & Training Institute, empowering people & teams around the world to transcend unhelpful conditioning, open minds & exceed performance goals.

Who we've empowered –

Service Offerings – 

We deliver premium training and coaching experiences to help people and teams fulfill their utmost potential.

Our expertise includes tailored one-on-one coaching sessions, dynamic workshops and executive leadership programs:



Executive Leadership

The Open Mind Institutue Workshop Event
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Find out more about how our services will enable you and/ or your workplace to improve by organising a free, no obligation call with one of our friendly staff members.


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Our Results 

We use a range of metric tools, to measure the success of our workshops and coaching programs. The following results represent the average percentage increase across four key performance areas after working with us for 3 months:- 


increase in

Picture 2.png

increase in


Growth Mindset

Mental Wellbeing


increase in


Picture 4.png


increase in 

Overall Performance 

Receiving help from the Open Mind Institute Team has been nothing short of brilliant to say the least.
​- Shakira Essop

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Get to know us 

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Here at TOMI, we are dedicated to helping individuals and teams reach their full potential through our human-centric life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, and leadership development services. 


Our team of highly experienced trainers and coaches understand that each individual or team has unique needs and challenges, and develop personalised plans to ensure that these are met.


We take a holistic approach to each of our programs, providing the support and guidance needed to help our clients reach their goals.

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To empower humanity to transcend non-serving mental conditioning to enjoy life with an open mind & thrive!

Our Mission 

Overcoming Limiting Habits

Join Our Community  21 Day Challenge to Overcome Limiting Habits 

If you feel stifled by limiting beliefs or negative habits, there's a good chance you're self-sabotaging on a subconscious level and are bound to negative feedback loops.

We're offering a complimentary  Mindset & Performance Coaching tool to help you break the cycle.

Simply leave your details in the box to  receive the 5 Step Formula, the 21 day challenge and  join our community.

Start your journey of self-transformation here:

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Get the 5 Step Formula to Overcoming Limiting Habits and the 
21 Day Challenge now!

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