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Executive & Leadership Coaching in Brisbane

Can you afford not to succeed? 

We enhance your cognition, mindset & overall performance and in turn, underpin your leadership and influence:

The Open Mind Institute's Executive Coaching –

       Empowering leaders to transform themselves and their organisations 

At The Open Mind Institute, we specialise in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Personal Transformation and are committed to your success, both in your professional and personal life.


We take executive coaching very seriously, because we've been in high pressure roles where stress, burnout, insomnia and immense responsibility become part of the role, so we know what it's like and have made it our business to be the best in the business, using metric tools to measure results, performance and evidence-based tools to:-

Target & reframe unhelpful conditioning 

Create renewed purpose & drive to empower creative & executive decision making

Regulate cortisol & manage stress

Create & sustain a growth mindset 

Leverage emotional & social intelligence

Thrive in pressure situations

So whether you're an executive, director, manager, business owner, athlete or leader of any kind, and your performance outcomes are critical to your success — then our executive coaching is a powerful resource to help you achieve that success.

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This is a free, no obligation call with one of our friendly staff to discover whether this coaching is right for you.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison

Empowering Your Leadership 

We have researched, developed, trial, tested and designed a world class executive  coaching program that empowers leadership to achieve desired results. We use a strategic blend of cognitive behavioural science, positive psychology, logotherapy and psychosynthesis to:- 


1) Identify & target individual and organisational performance barriers;

2) Provide the evidence-based tools & blueprint to achieve enhanced performance; and 

3) Empower drive & purpose toward exceeding & sustaining performance outcomes.

Who we've worked with –