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 Mindset & Performance Coaching

(Executive Coaching & Program)

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Executive coaching is for anyone required to achieve consistent outstanding performance in their day-to-day life.


Whether you're an Executive, Director, Manager, Business Owner, Athlete or Leader of any kind, and your performance outcomes are critical to your success, then executive coaching is for you.


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Mindset & Performance Executive Coaching is for anyone who is looking to achieve consistent, outstanding performance in their day-to-day life.


Executive Coaching is a systematic approach toward improving cognitive, behavioural and performance patterns using evidence-based techniques that develop your mindset and performance.


Whether you're an Athlete, Manager, Executive, Director, Business Owner, or Leader of any kind, if your performance outcomes are critical to your success, then Executive Coaching is for you.

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"Working in a high pressure environment and having to achieve consistent positive results was taking its toll on me and on my personal relationship. I was referred to The Open Mind Institute's executive coaching program from a colleague and was hesitant at first.


Within the space of three months however, I have completely changed the way I look at problems, myself and how I deal with people. My performance results have increased exponentially and I have more time to focus on me and on my relationship (which I didn't think was possible) and I put it all down to these coaching sessions."

                                                                                                                 ~ Peter Morris, Director, Sydney.


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At The Open Mind Institute, our coaching sessions take place either in-person or remotely for a minimum duration of one hour per week. We discuss strategies for the week ahead and provide the tools required to:

✓   Identify barriers to success;

✓   Assess & execute weekly objectives;

✓   Sequentially work on diluting non-serving mental conditioning;

✓   Empower creative, empathetic and executive decision making

The Mindset & Performance Executive Coaching Program is a confidential and trusted collaboration between you and your coach. It is a strategic coaching program consisting of either 10, 16 or 26 one hour sessions designed to cement renewed performance behaviour and significantly enhance higher cognitive functions.

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The importance of empowering a "Growth Mindset"

Mindset is everything when it comes to optimum performance and successful results.

Our mindset derives from subconscious dispositions that affect our performance.


Our Executive Coaching works to elucidate factors that have led to fixed mindset ideations. We then provide evidence-based tools to help design and develop a growth mindset. We then create a mindset performance loop that empowers consistent, high-performance outcomes. 


Our Mindset & Performance Executive Coaching  Leads to:

☑️ Improved Self-Regulation

☑️ Heightened Self-Awareness

☑️ Execution of Critical Thinking 

☑️ Greater Emotional & Social Intelligence

☑️ Optimal Productivity & Time Management 

☑️ Ability to Activate a Growth Mindset in High Pressure Situations


We run our Executive Coaching sessions in-person at our headquarters on Queen Street in the Brisbane CBD or, alternatively, we can come to you. We also offer online coaching via our remote video platform.

The coaching programs are reasonably priced and vary in cost. We have a number of payment methods and welcome you to call us or organise a free discovery call to discuss finding the program that is right for you.

In addition to the coaching sessions, our executive clients receive round the clock telephone support and access to our digital learning programs and events.

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Achieve your performance outcomes & accelerate your potential! 

Achieve your performance outcomes & accelerate your potential! 

Call us now on 1300 58 20 33 to find out whether this coaching is right for you.


Fill in the form to book your free discovery session and we'll promptly come back to you to confirm your booking details. Please mention a day and time range you are available and include whether you’d prefer audio or video call.

We ensure total confidentiality and privacy regarding your contact details and all information disclosed during coaching sessions.

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"Your Mind is like a parachute, it doesn't perform or work
at its best unless it's Open! 
                                                  – The Open Mind Institute