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An upwards view of a modern building - The Open Mind Institute

 I NNOVATION with INTEGRITY           

This is what we stand for.

It's in our name...

The Open Mind Institute is a beacon for reaching human potential. Our mission to empower humanity to transcend non-serving mental conditioning to enjoy life with an open mind & thrive is underpinned by our values of truth & transparency, open mindedness, mastery and integrity.

Founded on the principle that having an ‘open mind’ encourages active listening and a willingness to be open to new ideas, views, and ways of doing things, allows us to see the world from a renewed perspective, fuelling our mission and desire to empower as many people as possible to reach their utmost potential. 


From our coaching to our events and even our courses, our values are what drives us:



We uphold truth & transparency in all that we do;


Open Minded

We look at things differently by embracing new ideas, critical thinking & creative solutions;



We live & breathe personal development & transformation, always moving toward mastery;


Innovation with Integrity

We inspire creative and lateral thinking to spark innovation with integrity!

Meet the team

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