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Digital Alchemy: A global company with real world problems, who are achieving real world results!

Digital Alchemy is a multinational, data-driven marketing agency who have grown to become the largest, and most trusted Database Marketing Services Provider in the Asia Pacific, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Bangkok, Nanjing, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto.

Digital Alchemy engaged The Open Mind Institute in late 2020 to conduct our exclusive Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness program to their global workforce.

“In 2020, in the depths of COVID, we experienced unprecedented levels of uncertainty, resignations and staff mental health concerns. I realised we had to change people's mindset one at a time, over a period of months, not days. For an organisation with several hundred people all over the world, that seemed like a crazy undertaking. The Open Mind Institute's Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness program was a massive game changer and helped us to turn things around, one staff member at a time. In the first year around 100 people in our company completed the program and every year since we targeted a similar number to do the program. We have spun out other programs, i.e. on leadership & effective communication, designed by The Open Mind Institute to address particular challenges and overall, we turned the culture around, and the result has been 100% revenue growth since we started.

Staff retention has increased, culture has improved, and we have seen demonstrable positive change in people's attitude towards the company. Your machines don't make your products, the team that operates them does; your customers don't make themselves happy, your team does. Whether you employ 10 people or 1,000 people, people are at the heart of your success, and the mindset that they have can be the difference between short term success and long term success. Success is a culmination of many things, but I firmly believe that our relationship with The Open Mind Institute is a central pillar to our turnaround and success. - Regan Yan, CEO, Digital Alchemy

If you would like to find out more about how our exclusive, Creating & Sustaining Mind Fitness Program can help your organisation, click on the button below!

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