Workplace Wellbeing Partnerships: 


The Open Mind Institute partners with organisations who share our

values in regards to innovation, integrity and taking a people centred

approach to workplace initiatives that help staff with:-

   Resilience, Communication & Collaboration;

    Improved Productivity and Performance;

    Reduced Absenteeism and Presenteeism;

    Job Satisfaction & Creating an Inclusive Organisational Culture.

Our Workplace Wellbeing Programs:


We've designed evidence based workplace programs aimed at reducing costs associated with absenteeism & staff turnover and

improving staff productivity, retention and morale (see below):

Mindset Coaching Icons | The Open Mind Institute

Mental health concerns in the workplace are rising with 1 in 5 employees taking time off in the last 12 months due to stress & anxiety; costing the economy $10.9+ billion dollars in absenteeism, presenteeism & workcover claims each year.

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Program Details:

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The Wellness of your Employees is Directly Linked with the Success of Your Business!!

Research by the Federal Government through Comcare reveals: [Download the Report!]

  • For every dollar invested in workplace wellbeing programs, $5.81 will be returned in savings.

  • These savings come from reduced staff turnover, absenteeism and workers’ compensation claims, attracting higher quality staff, as well as increased creativity, innovation and general productivity.

  • Organisational image & fulfilling corporate social responsibilities were also cited as benefits.

Choose from a range of our program inclusions (see below) and a number of health wellbeing initiatives such as meditation, mindfulness practice, yoga, tai-chi, health & nutrition classes and performance coaching OR choose from the set programs below:

Our range of flexible programs and inclusions can be contextualised to your organisational needs. With the provision of our monthly progress report you're able to track the progress of your staff and overall success of the program, with the option to opt out at any time.

Program Inclusions:

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There is unequivocal  evidence that confirms regular meditation practice improves attention control, cognitive performance and mental wellbeing. TOMI's weekly guided meditation classes form an integral part of the Wellbeing Programs and use evidence based mindfulness techniques that enhance team collaboration, communication and resilience.


Our coaches use cognitive behavioural coaching principles and techniques. In addition, staff are provided with their personalised  higher self blueprint and roadmap toward sustaining a healthy disposition and positive mindset that can be used to regulate and activate workplace performance. 

Coaching sessions are one hour in duration and are facilitated on-site. Our certified coaches use outcome focussed techniques to progressively work toward achieving desired results providing the motivation & mentorship required to create & sustain levels of optimum wellbeing & performance.

Organisations that invest in Wellbeing Programs create mentally healthy environments where people want to work, with research confirming that mentally healthy workers are more productive and less likely to take sick leave.


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Members and recipients of TOMI's Wellbeing Programs receive our online subscription service delivered electronically each week, which includes a holistic

snapshot of the latest research, development and tools

being used to improve mental wellbeing and

workplace performance.


This also includes access to TOMI’s ‘Open Minds’

Podcast which interviews leaders who exemplify

positive performance & success.

Woman working with tech | The Open Mind Institute

TOMI delivers first class corporate events that bring together leaders and experts in psychology, neuroscience and personal development to discuss a range of captivating topics and developments across various industries.

All of our events harness experiential learning and are excellent networking opportunities offering attendees access to the brightest minds and leaders across the corporate          sector.


                                                Recipients of our Wellbeing                                                        Programs receive significant                                                        discounts & complimentary                                                          entry to these events.

Mindset Coaching Workshop | The Open Mind Institute

“There is a positive feel about the company. People understand 

  that we genuinely care.”

- Paul Lever, General Manager,

  Employee Relations and OH&S, Optus


TOMI's digital courses provide vital wellbeing resources and cognitive tools delivered via micro action-based learning cycles to cultivate resilience and optimise mental capability, productivity & success.

Using bite-size content and videos, users gain access to the most credible mind tools backed by neuroscience to create and sustain an unparalleled level of mind fitness.

Creating and Sustaining Mind Fitness Image | The Open Mind Institute
Paul Pitsaras operating a workshop | The Open Mind Institute

Offered in the 'Summit' Wellbeing Program, TOMI's monthly group coaching & workshops are an interactive and inclusive way to bring your team together to reflect on team progress, identify barriers to success and collaboratively evaluate the steps required to execute team & organisational goals.

Experiential learning exercises and cognitive tools are then used by TOMI's facilitators to encourage content retention and application of the collective objectives.

TOMI's workshops use experiential 

learning to optimise staff:

  • Resilience

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Productivity

The mental enhancement content delivered is evidence based and designed to give teams the vital tools they need to maximise individual & collective wellbeing and productivity. 

Dr Diane Harner is a published neuroscientist 

& registered counsellor. Working with corporate clients for over a decade, she helps individuals & organisations to shift from automatic routines

to the intentional action that drives change.

Dinane is passionate about helping organisations

to maximise brain resources to support strategic thinking, decision making, innovation, change
and emotional intelligence.

Meet the Team:

Paul Pitsaras Profile Image | The Open Mind Institute

Paul Pitsaras is the Managing Director, Keynote Speaker & Executive Coach at TOMI. He has studied Behavioural Science & practiced as a litigation lawyer for ten years. Paul  has been practicing Mindfulness & Meditation consistently for twelve years and has has been published in leading Wellbeing publications.


Paul is passionate about transforming workplaces by activating the potential in staff.

Amanda Haworth Profile Image | The Open Mind Institute

Amanda Haworth is a creative wellness practitioner & qualified yoga teacher. She's completed her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Himalayan Yogini in Pokhara, Nepal and has been practicing yoga from a young age.


Amanda  has been facilitating groups for many years and has worked with a number of leading organisations in the corporate sector.

Mark Varitimos is a health & wellness coach. He worked in the finance industry for many years before deciding to ignite his passion in physical education to become a registered exercise professional.


Mark has a holistic approach in helping clients  achieve their health and wellness goals and facilitates TOMI's health & nutrition workshops.

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