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Mindset & Performance Coaching

Tailored for professionals, & underpinned by evidence-based strategies, our Mindset & Performance program is designed to activate change, and achieve desired outcomes in record time. 

Why THe Open Mind institute

The Open Mind Institute is where people come together to learn and expand their understanding of what is possible when our minds are open and our actions align with our higher selves.

We open minds & accelerate potential through our coaching, events & courses and are driven by ​our guiding principles, of Truth, Open Mindedness, Mastery & Integrity.

Benefits of Mindset & Performance Coaching

Mindset & Performance Coaching works to get clarity on your roadblocks and the action required to overcome them. We will help you implement strategies that will allow you to start seeing positive changes in your life in a matter of weeks.

Receive cutting-edge Mindset & Performance tools, like:

  • "Tracking the Inner Narrative" Journal;

  • ​Tailored Plan & Accountability Blueprint to Success;

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Acceptance Commitment Therapy  (ACT) Tools​

  • Mindfulness & Attention Control Based Tools

  • Growth Mindset Creation & the Higher Default-Self Activation  Tools.

This program can be delivered one-on-one for individuals looking to get on the right track with their careers or personal lives, or in group settings for businesses & corporations who want to help their employees to perform & grow in their roles!

If this sounds like something you would like to hear more about, book in a call & let us connect you with an expert coach who is invested in your success!

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Book Your FREE Discovery Call Now

Transcend Conditioning And Accelerate Your Potential With The Open Mind Institute!

Your Free Discovery Call involves answering some basic questions around your biggest roadblocks and receiving vital information about the coaching program, so you can make an informed decision around whether this coaching is right for you.

For more information or if you cant find a time available, get in touch with the team via email at or call us on 1300 582 033 & we will be happy to help!

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What People Have Said About TOMI

William Ford

I first discovered The Open Mind Institute when I felt that my life was lacking purpose and that the stresses and anxiety of my day to day life were taking control. Through Paul's one on one coaching I have been able to set myself goals and subsequently achieve them. Paul has also taught me tools and exercises to not only help me with my stress and anxiety, but to ultimately overcome these issues.

I cannot recommend The Open Mind Institute and Paul enough, they are incredibly professional and I have seen real world, measurable results from my time with them.

Peter Morris

"Working in a high pressure environment and having to achieve consistent positive results was taking its toll on me and on my personal relationship. I was referred to The Open Mind Institute's Mindset & Performance Executive Coaching program from a colleague and was hesitant at first.

Within the space of three months however, I have completely changed the way I look at problems, myself and how I deal with people. My performance results have actually increased at work and I have more time to focus on me and on my relationship (which I didn't think was possible!) and I put it all down to these coaching sessions!"

Daryl Lee

I've been receiving Mindset & Performance Coaching from Paul of The Open Mind Institute for a number of months now and this time I have become more self-aware, have learned how to create and harness empowering self-talk, a growth mindset, have dramatically increased my self-belief and as a result, have seen new opportunities and successful results unfold in my life that I didn't think were possible. I highly recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to optimise a growth mindset and achieve their desired results, because it has the power to positively transform lives!

About Us

“TOMI is a mental wellbeing, mindset & performance training and coaching service provider, delivering events, coaching and remote courses and programs to people around the world.

Our research and development team are constantly reviewing the latest and most credible studies in the mindset and performance space, in order to ensure that our content and programs are underpinned by evidence-based tools that achieve desired results.


At TOMI we believe every human being, irrespective of their background, has the ability to vastly improve their memory, confidence, mental wellbeing and cognitive capacity in order to activate their utmost potential. We exist to facilitate that process and for us, there is no greater reward!”

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