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Achieve your Goals & Create Positive Lasting Change

Tailored to your needs, our Mindset & Performance Coaching program introduces a strategic blend of positive psychology & behavioural science to shift thinking, behaviour and action toward achieving your goals.

The Creating Change Mindset & Performance Coaching Package

Designed to get you the results you want to see in your life, our Creating Change Coaching package provides a tailored blueprint towards achieving and sustaining the change needed to see your goals come into fruition. Tailored to your needs, this program helps you to achieve the life you want and deserve. 


This is an 8 week program that includes our exclusive "Transmental Evolution System"  and covers the following key areas:

1.     Onboarding & Habit Formation

  • Intake form assessment & Big 5

  • Habit formation & identifying limiting beliefs

  • Deconstructing your habit loop

  • Personal & career goals

  • 5 step habits formula

CTA:     Formalise Goals & 'Why'

3.     Raising Self-Awareness

  • Enhancing Attention Control

  • Intro to shadow attributes

  • Intro to Mindfulness & Open Mind Meditation (OMM)

  • Harnessing the Observer Effect


CTA:     M&M & Shadow Tracking

5.     The Art of Effective Communication

  • Behavioural SWOT analysis

  • Creating the Higher-Self

  • Using psychosynthesis

  • HS Communication mode

  • The HS meditation

CTA:     M&M & Thought Journal

7.     Emotional & Social Intelligence

  • Unpacking E/I & S/I

  • Horizontal vs Vertical Relationships

  • Unconditional Positive Regard

  • SPARK Team Cultivation

  • Authentic Relating

CTA:     M&M, Spark Team & Shifting (Stage 2)

2.     The ERC Loop & Cognitive Reframing

  • The Emotional Response Conditioning (ERC) Loop

  • Cognitive Reframing (CR)

  • The 3 Golden Questions

  • Box Method Breathing (BMB)

CTA:     BMB & Thought Tracking

4.     Cultivating a Growth Mindset

  • Identifying core values

  • CBT principals & tracking the inner narrative

  • Fixed vs growth mindset

  • Shadow work integration 

  • The science behind gratitude

CTA:     M&M, BMB & CBT tracking

6.     Harnessing Drive & Motivation 

  • Identifying & creating drivers

  • Unearthing self-sabotage

  • ACT - self-sabotage tool

  • Unpacking & stepping into fear

CTA:     M&M, Shifting Shadow Traits & Self-                          Sabotage (Stage 1)

8.     Out Boarding & Self-Leadership

  • Metric tools

  • Higher-Self daily action plan

  • Using Visual Cognitive Rehearsal (VCR) 

  • Program key take-aways


CTA:     M&M, Daily Action Plan & Maintaining Shift (Stage 3)

Note: This example is a guide only and the order and content is subject to change once the program is tailored to your needs.

This package includes:

8 Weekly coaching sessions

Comprehensive email reports

3 hours of support calls per week

Weekly call to actions

Access to our exclusive community

Access to our online courses for program duration

This is an 8 week coaching program that can be ended at any time.

The cost of this package is $1,299 per month (+ GST), after which the roll on to further sessions will become available if desired. You will be invoiced on the same day each month in the above amount for for the duration of the program.

Mindset & Performance Coaching

The Creating Change Package

$1,299 per month (+GST)

Creating Change Coaching Package Sign-up Form:

Confirmation of details & Agreement

Agreement: The filling out of this form confirms an 8 week agreement between myself and The Open Mind Institute in relation to receiving the Creating Change coaching package at the above said price. I understand that I can terminate the agreement at any stage.

Thank you for signing up & welcome to the Creating Change Mindset & Performance Coaching package! 


Time Frame: This is a minimum 8 week coaching program.

Payment: The cost of this package is $1299 p/m (+GST).


After your 8 weeks further roll-on sessions will become available. This of course is totally optional and will be discussed at the end of your program. Further onboarding information will be sent to you after signing up below.


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