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Our Mindset & Performance Workplace Coaching implants a 'growth mindset' & self-awareness into teams that catapults mental wellbeing & performance to unprecedented heights.

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Mindset & Performance Workplace Coaching is an invaluable resource used to bring out the best in teams by providing them with the mentorship, support and evidence based tools to overcome common roadblocks such as:

Stress and anxiety


Time Management

Poor team culture

Wavering job


Lack of confidence & drive

Dealing with




High employee


Issues with


Lack of workplace


Low staff


Our Mindset & Performance Workplace Coaching program uses evidence-based tools along with a dynamic delivery method that helps to empower employees toward overcoming roadblocks and self-sabotaging behaviours in the workplace.


Our metric tools and data confirm that employees who complete this 10-week program see an improvement in their mental wellbeing, self-awareness, performance levels and have the ability to activate a 'growth mindset'.

But wait,

what exactly is a

'growth mindset'?

We're glad you asked.


A growth mindset knows that our talent, intelligence and abilities can be developed with effort and encompasses an attitude and approach to work that seeks out opportunities to acquire new skills, harnessing every challenge as an opportunity to grow.

Staff with a growth mindset tend to have:

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Are more likely to express creative ideas 

  • Greater control of their attention and emotions

  • Advanced communication and interpersonal skills.

Why does your workplace need this?

If you have noticed staffing concerns arising from:

  • Changes in work conditions;

  • Reduced communication;

  • Retention issues;

  • Absenteeism;

  • Presenteeism;

  • Decline in enthusiasm;

  • Decline in productivity & performance.

Then you should consider TOMI's Mindset & Performance Workplace Program as a proven and viable resource to empower your team/s with the evidence based tools to sustain a healthier level of communication, job satisfaction, growth mindset & performance!"


Return on investment. 

Mental health concerns in the workplace are rising with 1 in 5 employees taking time off in the last 12 months due to stress & anxiety; costing the economy $10.9+ billion dollars in absenteeism, presenteeism & Workcover claims each year. ​


Research by the Federal Government through Comcare reveals: 


  • For every dollar invested in workplace programs such as TOMI's Mindset & Performance Coaching Program, $5.81 will be returned in savings;

  • These savings derive from reduced staff turnover, absenteeism and a reduction in workers’ compensation;

  • Workplace coaching programs of this nature help to attract higher quality staff, achieve increased creativity, innovation,  improved employee wellbeing and overall productivity!

To view the comprehensive report in full, click here.

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Proven results. 


Throughout the course of our program we conduct metric tools and surveys to ensure we understand the individual needs of the participates as well as guaranteeing that the desired results are not only being met, but are being exceeded.

Via our metric tools we have proven that TOMI's Mindset & Performance Workplace Coaching Program achieves improved mental wellbeing for staff, amounting to an average percentage increase of 11% after just 10 weeks. 


It further enables staff to achieve a growth mindset (which involves the capacity to be self-aware, cognitively reframe challenges, cultivate resilience and maintain a healthy mental disposition in order to achieve favourable results, with a percentage increase of 19% after ten weeks.

Program & delivery options.

The Program

Our Mindset & Performance Workplace Coaching Program has been designed and refined over a number of years to provide the most powerful and credible evidence based tools to achieve greater self-awareness, a growth mindset and strengthen overall performance.

We use metric tools and staff surveys to measure key mental wellbeing and performance areas, so that employers are able to evidence it's success.

Please click here to download the program summary PDF.



In terms of delivery, the coaching program is facilitated by our team of expert coaches in weekly one hour sessions. We also offer three variations to cater to your staff needs and that can be delivered in person or virtually. These include:-

  1. One-on-one Coaching Sessions;

  2. Group Workshops;

  3. Two Day Seminar.

We have found however, that a blended approach of one-one-one sessions and group workshops work best. For example, staff receive their one-on-one sessions on a fortnightly basis and in the week in between, come together with their colleagues to partake in the group workshop. 

Key steps.

Discovery session.

This is a FREE video conference with Paul, our founder & lead coach, to discuss your requirements and to find out more about how the coaching program works.

One-on-one sessions.

The Mindset & Performance Coaching program commences and is delivered via a one-on-one coaching and/ or workshop sessions to staff members each week at a mutually agreed time.


Prior to commencing, staff complete a brief survey to gage mindset & performance levels. This is repeated after 10 weeks and at later intervals with results collated in a comprehensive report and provided to management.


Management selects initial staff group (option for a pilot program available), surveys are taken and the onboarding 

workshop is delivered, explaining how the  program works and team responsibilities.

Group coaching.

Where the group coaching option is exercised, staff are grouped together in groups of five to ten and one hour weekly/ fortnightly sessions are delivered.

Take the first step to improving your employees wellbeing and business success. 

Case study.

Digital Alchemy (DA) is a multinational marketing firm in operation for over 18 years. They have 7 international offices, with 250+ staff and service clients like: Paypal, China Everbright Bank, Virgin Australia, Jurlique, Foxtel, NBN, RACQ.

In late 2020 DA's CEO reached out to us after a restructure of the firm saw changes in departments and roles that resulted in redundancies, changes in operational processes and staff retention concerns.

Coupled with DA's staff around the world having to work from home due to Covid lockdowns, DA elected to invest in the mental wellbeing, mindset and performance of their global team.


We recommended TOMI’s workplace coaching pilot program, that saw 10 of DA’s executives enrol in February 2021; with the view that if benefits to mental wellbeing, mindset and performance were experienced by this team, then the program would be rolled out to the remainder of DA’s staff.

After 10 weeks, the executive team experienced greater job satisfaction and an improvement in regards to their mental wellbeing, self-awareness and ability to apply a growth mindset to challenging situations, which correlated to a 20% increase in overall performance.

We are now coaching the remainder of DA’s global team remotely using a blended approach of one-on-one and group coaching to ensure that staff have the resources and tools to deal with market change and uncertainty, in addition to being able to cultivate resilience, maintain healthy mental wellbeing when working from home and collaborate toward leveraging their collective growth mindset to achieve desired performance results for DA and their clients.


Peter Morris, Director

Within the space of three months, I have completely changed the way I look at problems, myself and how I deal with people. My performance results have increased exponentially, and I have more time to focus on me and on my relationship  and I put it all down to these coaching sessions."

Ellis Spooner, Executive

I'd recommend The Open Mind Institute's coaching service for anyone seeking the tools to get clear and deliberate about where they want to go and set themselves up to get there."

Jenny Tran, Manager

TOMI's workplace coaching program has helped me to change the way I deal with stress and workplace challenges. I'm able to use a growth mindset to achieve positive results and to inspire my team. I also have greater job satisfaction and work life balance.

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Why choose us?

We live, breathe and practice what we teach in the personal development, mindset and performance space. We use evidence-based tools and experiential learning in our coaching program to achieve the desired results for our clients.

We take pride in exceeding best practice and ethical standards established by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and use metric tools that measure mental wellbeing, mindset and performance throughout the program to enable an informed choice for our clients as to whether the program is achieving the necessary results.

Our expert coaches have all worked in professional services industries and have qualifications in behavioural science, psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, training and assessment, law and international business.

We work closely with our clients and uphold our values of transparency, open mindedness, mastery and integrity throughout the coaching program experience.

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