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Improving leadership & performance is just the beginning.

Tailored specifically to your needs, our Executive Coaching Program empowers you to get the most out of your performance, so you can get the most out of your team.

The Transcendence Package.

The Transcendence executive coaching package provides a tailored blueprint to the transcendence of your roadblocks and unhelpful patterns of conditioned behaviour via our exclusive Transmental Evolutionary method, toward the fulfillment of your purpose, potential and peak performance.


This premium package includes the following steps:

1.     Onboarding & Habit Formation

  • Intake form assessment & Big 5

  • Unpacking the Habit Loop

  • Using the 5 Steps Formula

  • Introduction to Psychosynthesis

  • Crystallising Personal & Professional Goals

CTA:     Create Coaching Objectives

3.     Raising Self-Awareness

  • Enhancing Attention Control

  • Intro to Mindfulness & Open Mind Meditation (OMM)

  • Vipassana Technique

  • Harnessing the Observer Effect


CTA:     M&M & Response Tracking

5.     Shadow Work 101

  • Intro. To the Shadow-self

  • Unearthing Shadow-traits

  • Using CBT to track the Shadow

  • Overcoming ERC Causality to integrate Shadow behaviours

CTA:     M&M & Shadow Work 101

7.     Leveraging a Growth Mindset

  • Excavating Personal Roadblocks

  • Psychology of Growth Mindset

  • Achieving Flow & Hyperfocus

  • Mental VCR & CPR

  • Growth Mindset Activation

CTA:     M&M, HS Activation & GMA

9.     Self- Leadership

  • Metric Tools/ Analytics Asses.

  • Creating Self-Leadership

  • Sustaining Performance Levels

  • Signature Strengths Awareness & Application

CTA:     M&M + Strengths Application

2.     Cognitive Reframing

  • The Emotional Response Conditioning (ERC) Loop

  • Cognitive Reframing (CR)

  • The 3 Golden Questions

  • Box Method Breathing (BMB)

CTA:     BMB & Thought Tracking Situations

4.     Using CBT to Modify Behaviour

  • CBT principles & tracking the inner narrative

  • Relationship b/w Thoughts, Emotions & Limitations

  • Activating Positive Disruption

CTA:     M&M & CBT  Behaviour Tracking  

6.     Designing the Higher-Self

  • Unpacking self-identity

  • Identifying key drivers

  • Creation of the Higher-Self

  • Using Psychosynthesis to materialise the Higher-Self

CTA:     M&M, S.W & H.S Activation

8.     Emotional & Social Intelligence

  • Mastering effective coms via Authentic Relating

  • Unconditional Positive Regard

  • Cultivating your 'Spark Team'

  • EI/ SI application


CTA:     M&M, GMA & EI/SI application

10.     Self- Mastery

  • First Principles Thinking

  • Leveraging Inversion & Exteroception

  • Using Critical Thinking to (PIECT model)



CTA:     M&M & HS Daily Action

Note: This example is a guide only and the order and content is subject to change once the program is tailored to your needs.

This package includes:

26 Weekly coaching sessions

Comprehensive email reports

Unlimited support calls

Weekly call to actions

Access to our exclusive community

Lifetime access to our online courses

This is a 26 week/ 6 month coaching program that can be ended at any time.

The cost of this package is $2000 per month (ex. GST) for a duration of 6 months, after which the roll on to further sessions will become available if desired. You will be invoiced on the same day each month in the above amount for for the duration of the program.

Executive Coaching | The Transcendence Package

$2,000 per month

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