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  Mental Health in the Workplace –The Facts:

      1 in 5 Australian 

employees report that they’ve taken time off work  due  to  feeling mentally unwell in the      past 12 months.

     According to an

    ABS study, 45% of Australian's will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

Untreated mental health conditions  cost Australian workplaces approx. $10.9 billion per year.

Workplaces need to have measures in place to circumvent the mental health epidemic. Studies have found successful results have been achieved through training processes incorporating mindfulness based techniques* but can only come about after prolonged practice and new habit formation.
Evidence suggests that such change occurs only after extended practice allowing for new behavioural, emotional, cognitive and neurological pathways to become rooted.
With this in mind, TOMI’s Mind Fitness Program (MFP) consists of 5-10 interactive mental enhancement training workshops (one hour each) designed to improve organisational culture through empowering individuals to optimise their mental ability, wellbeing and performance in the workplace. These workshops cover:-


the MFP

Mindfulness 101


  • Introduction to Mindfulness & Associated Benefits

  • Scientific Evidence behind it

  • Neurological Processes explained

  • Introduction to Practical Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness Practice Implementation


  • Mindfulness Training & Exercise

  • How Mindfulness = Empowerment

  • Managing Pressure Situations Using Mindfulness

  • Prolonged Practice Measures & Procedures



Critical Thinking 101


  • Introduction to Critical Thinking (CT)

  • Identifying Mental Blue-print & Subconscious Prog.

  • Identifying Trigger Situations

  • Subjectivity vs Objectivity in Pressure Situations


Applying Critical Thinking


  • CT vs Lateral Thinking

  • CT Training & Exercises

  • Applying CT to Workplace Trigger Situations

  • Maintaining Birds Eye Perspective



Emotional Intelligence 101


  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • Neurological Process explained

  • Identifying Trigger Situations

  • The EQ vs Social Intelligence (SQ) Framework

EQ & SQ Implementation


  • Application of EQ & SQ Framework to Triggers

  • Emotional Cognition in Interpersonal Relationships

  • Exercising EQ & SQ Judiciously & Empathetically

  • Sharpening & Maintaining EQ & SQ   



In addition to receiving their Mind Fitness Program Certificate of Completion, staff can access ongoing support via one-on-one mind-set coaching by one of TOMI's coaches.


The MFP is an interactive experience designed to confront ‘mental roadblocks’/ fears and elucidate inherent measures to empower mental capability and enhance overall mental well-being and performance in the workplace.



Resilience 101

  • Introduction to Resilience

  • Neurological Capacity & Elasticity

  • Super Survivors

  • Building Resilience


Finding & Maintaining Resilience


  • Adapting to Life Tasks in Adverse Conditions

  • The Art of Resilience

  • Growing from Critical Conditions & Adversity

  • Preserving Resilient Capacity


Meta/ Habit Cognition 101


  • Introduction to Metacognition & Forming Habits

  • Neurological Processes & Evidence explained

  • Awareness – Facilitating New Habit Formation

  • Cementing Meta/ Habit Cognition


New Habit Implementation

  • Utilising Metacognition to eradicate Limiting       Habits & Form New Positive Ones

  • Reinforcing Neurological Pathways

  • 5 Step Recalibration Process & MFP Summary


The MFP achieves a positive shift in organisational culture through educating staff about how to best utilise the overlapping psychological processes above. This takes place in an interactive learning based setting.


This process involves an initial consultation with management to set schedules, identify team nuances, the contemporary organisational culture/ climate and any pain points to further contextualise the program.


The one hour workshops are delivered by The Open Mind Institute's founders (on or off-site) in an interactive & dynamic learning environment that incorporates diverse & stimulating learning based techniques and exercises.  

* See TOMI's Mindfulness article for established evidence & benefits:

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