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Staff Training, Motivational speaker Brisbane, Mental Health Presentation

The Open Mind Institute is a leading service provider of mental enhancement training to professional services firms and organisations who invest in the mental wellbeing and performance of their people.

TOMI's training to firms and membership organisations attracts continued professional development (CPD) points and  covers topics like:-

  • Enhancing Mental Wellbeing at Work

  • Critical vs Lateral Thinking

  • Optimising Performance via Metacognition

  • Attention Control & Mindfulness Practice

  • Resilience

  • Hyperfocus

  • Elucidating Unconscious Bias

  • Harnessing EQ & SQ in the Workplace

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With 1 in 5 employees taking time off work in the last 12 months for mental health concerns, it is incumbent upon employers to provide their staff with evidence based mental health & wellbeing training.

In addition to the CPD points attained, attendees receive workbooks providing a break down of the mental enhancement tools offered and will be the recipients of the most powerful, evidence based mental enhancement content, research & exercises on the above said topics.


Delivered by lawyers in collaboration with psychologists and neuroscientists, who have used the methods they teach, to enhance their own mental well being, the Mental Optimisation Seminars take place in an interactive & dynamic learning environment.


Please  click below to book or enquire about our most popular presentations:

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