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The Open Mind Meditation (OMM) Program provides the gateway to transcend limiting and conditioned behaviours via combining 7 of the most powerful meditation techniques with unique cognitive processes exclusive to The Open Mind Institute.


Delivered remotely, the program teaches the following evidence-based techniques:-Vipassana, Sahaja, Shamatha, Zen, Qigong, Transcendental and Mindfulness based meditation and is for anyone who meditates consistently, right through to anyone who has never meditated before.

Meditation by the Sea

By the end of the program students walk away with their own unique meditation routine selected from the techniques that resonated with them the most and in combination with the unique processes and exercises taught by their instructor, to harness the long list of benefits meditation has to offer, that include:-

✓  Successfully manage stress;

✓  Reduce anxiety;

✓  Manage depression;

✓  Improves immunity;

✓  Facilitates positive mental wellbeing;

✓  Heightened self-awareness;

✓  Access to objective/ birdseye perspective;

✓  Enhanced overall health & energy levels;

✓  Improved cognitive performance;

✓  New & empowered responses to life's challenges.

Program Details
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As this program is delivered remotely, you are free to listen and watch the guided meditations at your own discretion. With over 21 video & audio recordings, workbooks and six and a half hours of video/ audio content, there is an abundance of value-driven material to take your meditation to the next level!


It is recommended however that you follow the program below to maximise your meditation and learning experience. 

OMM Program:

Your Instructor
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With over fifteen years of consistent meditation practice & discipline, Paul Pitsaras is the primary meditation teacher and founder of The Open Mind Institute. 

Paul has studied Buddhist based meditation at the Chung Tian temple in Priestdale, Brisbane and consistently achieves transcendental experiences in his meditation practice.  

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