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The Open Mind Institute, Life Coaching in Brisbane to Achieve Your Goals and improve career, relationships and mental health.

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TOMI's Purpose & Mission

Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

- Burnout, Stress Anxiety

- Lack of Self Belief

- Procrastination

- Imposter Syndrome

- Lack of Purpose & Drive

- Relationship Issues

- Self Sabotaging Behaviours

TOMI helps people crush roadblocks & realise their potential and, in the process, delivers on desired results. It’s why we started and it’s what we love doing.

We tailor our coaching program to fit your needs.

When you're empowered, engaged, and aligned towards your goals, you get energise and start activating your potential.

Life Coaching The Open Mind Institute with Mindfulness & Meditation to manage stress, anxiety, depression burnout in Brisbane. Video Coaching and Remote Coaching available. 

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“I highly recommend this coaching for anyone who wants to optimise a growth mindset and achieve their desired results, because it has the power to positively transform lives!”

- Daryl Paul Lee


✓  It works to get clarity on your roadblocks and the action required to overcome them.

  Achieve goals quicker - start seeing positive results in a matter of weeks.

✓  Connect with an expert coach who is invested in your success.

 Receive cutting-edge Mindset & Performance tools  like:

- Tracking the Inner Narrative Journal

- Tailored Plan & Accountability Blueprint to Success

- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

- Acceptance Commitment Therapy  (ACT)

- Unique Mindfulness & Flow tools

- Growth Mindset Creation & the Higher-Self Activation.


Paul's articles on wellness, meditation & mindfulness have been published in Proctor & Wellness Daily and he frequently appears on panels, podcasts & in the media on how to open minds & accelerate potential. 

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