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Nov 29, 2017

Mental Health in the Workplace

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According to a recent WHO report, stress & anxiety affects the global economy by way of a $1 trillion loss in productivity. In Australia, mental health results in a $10.9 billion loss in absenteeism & compensation claims each year.


There are many proactive actions that workplaces can implement to promote mental health in the workplace; resulting in a benefit to productivity, individual well-being & general organisational culture. 


One such action recommended in this report is to have a program or training in place for staff that promotes awareness & well-being. Does your workplace currently have anything like this in place?


The Open Mind Institute has developed & been delivering its Mind Fitness Program (MFP) to progressive firms and organisations across Brisbane. It consists of 10 one hour workshops covering crucial mental enhancement topics and is outcome based (meaning that if there isn't measurable positive results to staff, then your organisation doesn't pay).


To book the MFP for 2018, or if you want to know more, please message me or send and email to and lets get your workplace mentally fit for 2018!

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