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  • >> A great article authored by someone who used meditation to deal with chronic pain. At the bottom of the article she suggests a number of different methods and platforms that might just resonate with you!
  • "Paul from TOMI delivered a dynamic, inspirational & high-impact speech to our national team that smashed all barriers and made us believe that the goals we set for ourselves this year are not only attainable but inevitable!" - Nicky, NAB employee Honour on the Coast 2018.
  • "JCL recently retained the coaching services of Paul from TOMI to coach a member  of our senior staff who reported the sessions were assisting with a number of key personal and professional areas. We're aware that these sessions used VR & cognitive behavioural coaching techniques and noticed a positive change in the workplace performance of our staff member. We are happy to recommend TOMI's coaching services to any organisation looking to enhance the wellbeing and performance of their staff."                                                                            -  Justine Fletcher, HR Manager JCL