One-On-One Coaching

Achieving Transformation!



For anyone who can benefit from professional insight, guidance and support to optimise their performance, confidence, happiness OR to overcome an issue that has been causing them concern or mental angst, coaching is a powerful tool that provides the structure and platform to achieve this.

Unlike other coaching services, TOMI's One-On-One & Mindset & Success Coaching utilises over ten years of research into human behaviour & evidenced based mental enhancement content to tailor individualised programs for our clients who are achieving transformational results!

Coupled with cognitive behavioural coaching techniques and the authenticity & expertise of our coaches, it is a potent measure to help you achieve your objectives expeditiously!



A proven success track record, a deep understanding

of human behaviour & powerful original tools make our coaching unique! Some of these tools include:-

  • The use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology to confront fears in the virtual world and build resilience to deal with them in the 'real world';

  • Articulation of barriers & tailored blueprint/ 

       path to success; 

  • Original mental enhancement tools –


   - TOMI's Mental CPR (Conscious Positive Recall);

   - Subconscious Recalibration Exercises;

   - Confidence Creation Techniques &

   - Application of '5 Steps to Overcoming Habits'.

  • Mental wellbeing metrics;

  • Application of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching;

  • Provision of support, mentorship and 24hr access & availability.




You can expect to achieve your goals and retain the mechanisms and momentum to apply at future life junctions when obstacles may appear.

You can expect your coaching to take place in a safe, comfortable and inspirational environment. We are based in the Capital Building on Queen Streets mall in Brisbane's CBD and our sessions take place in either our private conference rooms or on our sunny rooftop (pictured here) in accordance with your preference.

You can expect a "Call to Action" after each coaching session which involves the motivation, support and exercises to be actioned prior to your next session.

In terms of cost, our rates are affordable and we are open to various payment methods and plans that work for you (click below to find out more).

Finally, you can expect round the clock support and guidance. Unlike other coaches, we are there for your entire coaching journey and beyond.


Leave your details below to enquire about TOMI's  coaching program or to make a booking.


You can also request a call from either Paul or Mitesh by simply advising the best time to call you.

In the call you'll receive greater detail as to what the coaching program looks like and information on how the program will help you.


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TOMI's Coaching Program helped me change the way I look at things & to shed my limiting habits. I have a new positive outlook on life and can't recommend their coaching enough!


I started TOMI's coaching after a relationship break down and a few setbacks at work. The techniques that I have subsequently learned not only helped me to get through this but have led to new opportunitites!


I'd recommend TOMI's coaching program to anyone who has been struggling with low self-esteem & procrastination. It has literally transformed my life and I can't them enough.