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Coaching is for anyone ready to apply proven measures to optimise their confidence, happiness, performance and/ or  to overcome roadblocks that have been preventing successful outcomes.


TOMI's Mindset & Success Coaching is for anyone ready to commit to their growth and personal development by applying these measures and defined strategies to achieve their desired outcomes.


Mindset & Success Coaching is the combination of evidence based coaching methodologies & tools to identify and reverse learned behaviours, before positively shifting mindset toward overcoming barriers, implementing action & achieving success (whatever that looks like for you!).


The Mindset & Success Coaching Program consists of 6 one hour coaching sessions. We utilise 12 years of research into human behaviour & processes stemming from cognitive behavioural & acceptance commitment therapy and mindfulness based techniques, to tailor an individualised program to action results within achievable time frames.


"TOMI's Mindset & Success Coaching Program has given me a brand new perspective and lease on life. The mind tools and exercises I learned have now become a crucial part of my life and I feel happier, healthier and more in control of everything as a result!"


                                                              ~ Katey Comino, Lead Agent, Place, Kangaroo Point


  1. Because it works(!) to gain immediate clarity on your roadblocks, goals and action required to achieve them.

  2. Achieve your goals quicker saving you years of research into the most powerful cognitive & personal development coaching tools; we've done the work for you & have tried, tested and achieved the results!

  3. Connect with someone who cares about your wellbeing & aspirations and who will provide you with around the clock support and motivation.

* Also, you'll receive superior & unique program tools like:-

  • Identification of barriers & tailored blueprint/ path to success

  • Cognitive behavioural coaching, acceptance commitment therapy principes & mindfulness based methodologies

  • VR option - to confront mental barriers in the 'virtual world' before strengthening neurological pathways to achieve objectives in the 'real world'

  • Mental Enhancement process tools like: Subconscious Recalibration; Mental CPR (Conscious Positive Recall) and Hyperfocus.


Get Started:


You'll be asked to sign & bring your TOMI Coaching Agreement to your first session, along with a brief Intake Form.


In your first session you'll get to know your coach, identify any barriers to success and articulate the goals that we will achieve together.

Moving forward you'll receive an individualised program, evidence based mental enhancement tools and receive a Call to Action to be actioned prior to your next session.

Clients receive round the clock support, encouragement and motivation throughout the program. Unlike other coaches, we are there for your entire coaching journey!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”   
- Aristotle

The Mindset & Success Coaching Program comprises of 6 one hour weekly sessions (depending on progress, sessions can be moved to fortnightly or monthly intervals).

Although the program consists of 6 sessions (the average time it takes our clients to achieve their goals), there's no obligation to complete the program, you can opt out at any time or may choose to have more or less than the six sessions.

Our coaching sessions take place at TOMI HQ on Queen Street in Brisbane's CBD (with either our private conference rooms or rooftop terrace made available). We also facilitate video conferencing.

In terms of cost our rates range from $100-$150 per session. We facilitate various payment methods and plans (enquire below to find out more).


Commiting to the entire program however, entitles you to one free coaching session.

                                    BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY OR REQUEST A CALL!

TOMI's coaching promise is to give you the guidance, insight & resources to not only create positive transformation but to also sustain it!

So, if you're ready to put in the work to activate your potential and become your higher self, simply take the first step by filling out your details here:       


We'll promptly come back to you to answer any questions you might have about the program and to confirm your free initial telephone consultation.

(We ensure total confidentiality and privacy in relation to your details and our coaching program).

      "The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential...
       these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."
- Confucius

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