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1. Whatarethemosteffectivewaystocreatepsychologicalsafety within my          workplace, where mistakes are okay and disclosure of personal                  information will not result in ramifications?

1. Cake Day –

- Rules are there is no talking about work.


- Psychological safety is developed through authentic, caring connection - Shine a light on              caring alpha males.

2. Weekly Check in with team –

- Everyone brings a challenge, win, loss, mistake, lesson learnt, or kudos for others written              anonymously on a post-it note.

- Put them all in a hat and discuss them one by one as a team. Own it if you want.

- Suggestions for hat are " box of mystery" or " F#ck it bucket"

2. Whatmeasurescanweasleaderstaketobetterunderstandour teams and can         implement to bring our team together?

1. a) Sharing responsibilities

    b) Building trust;
    c) Know employees on a deeper level - skills, abilities, strengths/ weaknesses;
    d) Consider "what if we didn’t have a leader?"
    e) Push boundaries of current leadership paradigm!

2. Culture, Communication and Attitude –



    a) Enhance comfort to speak up and get to know staff better;

    b) Develop a coaching culture;
    c) Empower individuals to set goals for themselves;
    d) Power through people versus other people.



   a) Pay attention to the vocabulary we use, We and us;
   b) Be aware of how people receive and perceive messages.



   a) Exercise humility, appreciate value that people bring, have a

       beginner's mindset.



3. HowcanIcreateandsustainthechangethatisnecessarywithinme and              within my work/ life environment to give rise to optimal wellbeing &          performance?

1. Enhance awareness of our habits and re-programme them. Ideas to achieve this are:


a) Hour of Power:                  power/amp/


b) Gratitude diary; c) Cold Showers.

2. Change habits, rituals and mindset:


a) Analyse the culture and policy within an organisation;


b) Reflect, review and implement; c) Focus on respect.