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TOMI's mission is to make learning about the brain & mental health optimisation, fun, interactive and intriguing!

TOMI's founders, Mitesh Raniga & Paul Pitsaras, are driving this mission and taking it to the masses via their Success & Mindset Coaching Program, which goes beyond traditional life coaching, to give their clients a roadmap to success that utilises cognitive behavioural therapy and the most advanced mental enhancement content & exercises on the planet!

They are enhancing workplace organisational culture, via the delivery of their Mind Fitness Program, which is a wellness program like no other! Simultaneously educating employees about mental health and providing them with the mental tools to optimise their own; this program is boosting organisational culture, wellbeing & workplace performance!

From a proactive perspective, TOMI is taking their Empowerment Presentation into Schools & Educational Institutions across the country, empowering students toward harnessing their mental capability to achieve fulfilment & their objectives! 

TOMI founders Mitesh & Paul sitting on a ledge | The Open Mind Institute
                Mitesh & Paul – Passionate About Inspiring Others!

Between them Mitesh & Paul hold double Bachelor degrees in Law & International Business, certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Coaching, Training & Assessment, have completed NIDA acting courses & have studied Behavioural Science.

The duo met at university where they studied Law & International Business and stayed in contact despite Mitesh moving to New York and Paul to London to practice as lawyers. 

They discovered that they both shared a passion for personal development & shared their research & content to help each other deal with stress and the onset of mental health concerns that certain professions can sometimes bring.

Having successfully overcome these challenges and helping others to do the same, the duo decided to turn their passion into an institution that can help as many people as possible to activate their potential: And so TOMI was born!

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